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Top 7 Mistakes Network Marketers Make

Dec 26, 2007
Whether you are new to Network Marketing or you are a seasoned MultiLevel Marketing pro, you might be making one of these common mistakes that will suck the life out of your business, and the fun out of your profession. Look over this list of common mistakes new distributors make and see if you can see yourself doing any of these things.

7) They don't use their sponsor's support
An upline is there to help and support new distributors as they grow their business. The MLM motto: "You are in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself." Especially in the beginning, new distributors should ask for help as needed, not just for questions, but also for assistance with sponsoring.

Tag-team sponsoring is something many MultiLevel Marketing professionals use to help new distributors. Tag-team sponsoring is where both the new distributor and his sponsor either get together with a prospect online, like in a conference chat, or in person, at an opportunity meeting. The new distributor brings the prospect, but the sponsor gives the presentation. The prospect would then sign up under the new distributor, even though his sponsor gave the presentation.

6) They share negativity with their downline
In all companies, there are negatives. Usually this happens in a time of change for the company. The worst mistake a distributor can make is to send these negatives downline.

When a distributor is upset about something, the correct thing to do is to bring it to the company's attention, or to the attention of their sponsor. Unfortunately, many inexperienced distributors choose to rag on their downline about it. When the distributor does this, their downline starts to turn negative too. They will quit when this happens. A sponsor always needs to remain positive with his downline.

5) They make the prospect feel too important
When a distributor is speaking to a prospect, he should not make it seem as though he is desperate to enroll them. If the prospect thinks that he is a rare gem, and the distributor is in dire need of them, it will make it seem as though it is difficult to sponsor others. Instead, the prospect should be made to feel as though he is being dealt a favor. He should be aware that the Network Marketer is looking for a specific type of person, for example, one that is honest, dependable, a team player, and motivated, and that if they do not have these skills then they should look elsewhere least they waste everyone's time.

4) They talk too much
If a Multi Level Marketer talks too much, two things happen: The prospect tunes him out because he doesn't want to hear any more mumbo jumbo and the prospect feels MLM is too hard for them to do. They feel they have to learn a vast amount of information in order to talk that much, or perhaps the prospect is not a big talker themselves. Either way, it's not good!

3) They tell the prospect without asking
Most MLMers will start out a conversation with a new prospect by going into a prepared speech about their company. This is the wrong way to do it. A wise distributor will not volunteer any information about his opportunity until he knows what the prospect is looking for.

Questions like "What kind of work are you in now? Oh, that sounds interesting! How do you like it?" can get the conversation started. After listening for responses and asking follow up questions, it is easier to offer a solution, such as the opportunity, to the problems expressed by the prospect.

2) They seek people who are dependent instead of independent
If a distributor promises the moon to his prospects in order to sign them up, the prospect will enter the business expecting his sponsor to do all the work. When an distributor goes out and recruits only those who are completely dependent on him, they will not go out and do their business on their own, but will constantly be saying "I don't know anyone" or "when are you going to place someone under me?". The business the distributor is trying to build will crumble from within.

1) They make the opportunity sound too easy
Network Marketing is not easy. It takes time, effort, energy, and real work and commitment. Network Marketers have a bad rap of making the business into a Get Rich Quick scheme, and those who choose to promote their business in this manner are setting themselves up for failure.

When a prospect is told that an opportunity is "simple" and "easy", they expect their business to spring up around them without doing any work and they don't understand that they need to market their business in order to make money. So they get frustrated, and quit. The distributor might not have any trouble sponsoring those who want to get rich quick, but he will have a horrible time trying to retain them, as they move onto the next "sure thing".
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