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Increase Your Conversion Rates with These Five Marketing Approaches

Aug 17, 2007
Have you tried writing your own sales page? Aside from the fact that it would have saved you thousands of dollars from having to hire a professional copywriter, you'd have learned some valuable lessons in the process. Primary among them is this: that determining what would make your prospects tick is no small task. It's difficult!

But there are tricks you could utilize to increase the response rate, and consequently the conversion rate, of your sales copy.

What are these tricks?

1. The element of need. You have to make your prospects know that they need the product you're offering. Necessity is a powerful motivator that would compel them to take notice of your offer. But is this enough? Often, it is not. But you still have to make them feel... nay... you have to make them BELIEVE that they need your product. Once you have accomplished this, you're halfway there.

2. The element of fear. Have you watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? If you have, then you may be familiar with the 3 Forbidden Spells. These spells are so lethal that their usage is prohibited in the wizards' world. Fear, if we may say, is one of the forbidden spells in internet marketing. At first glance, it may seem too heartless to utilize. But then again, it's simply too potent to set aside. Striking fear in the hearts of your prospects can immediately provide a boost for your sales page's conversion rate. Promoting a "how to stop smoking" eBook? Reminding your readers the health hazards associated with smoking, such as cancer, impotency, and even death will make the realize how valuable your offer will be. Promoting an internet marketing eBook? Giving your readers some verifiable statistics on how many people actually lose thousands of dollars through half-baked, ill-educated campaigns will drive immediate focus on your offer as well.

3. Features plus benefits. Many believe that internet consumers are a benefit-driven market. Foremost of their questions when presented with an offer is: how will this benefit me? This has led a lot of marketers to focus on the benefits that their products can offer. However, benefits alone will not lure your readers into making a purchase. Benefits should always, ALWAYS, be supplemented with the features that your product can boast of. Benefits are like the spices, and features would provide the meat. In crafting your sales page, always make sure that there is a connection that will be established between the benefits that your product can promise, and the features it possesses by which it would make good of its words.

4. Curiosity. Curiosity doesn't always have to kill the cat. Sometimes, you could use it to invite the cat to your household. The perfect example of what I would personally want to label as "mystery marketing" is Mike Filsaime's super successful Butterfly Marketing campaign. All throughout the pre-launch stage, Mike never revealed what his product was all about. Instead, he continuously dropped some clues as to the profound impact that his secret product could provide. The result? Amazing buzz that led to amazing hype all the way to launch date. And once the real sales page went live, sales poured in, and Mike Filsaime was half a million dollars richer in just a few hours. People always want to know. Something that would seem mysterious would just be challenging for them. They won't have peace of mind until they find out what it's about. And as a marketer, you could capitalize on this common human behavior.

5. Humanizing your offer. The internet is one, big channel of anonymity. Hence, people would naturally greet offers with much hesitance. You need to be able to relate to them in a more personal level. And one way to do this is to humanize your approach. Share stories - real stories - related to some aspects of your offer. Provide testimonials from real people, and include their voice or video if needed. Introduce yourself in a humble way. People generally respond better to circumstances that they are familiar with, and you have to make your offer very germane to their preferences.
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