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Dynamic Personality Types And Career Choices

Aug 17, 2007
Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another - Annatole France in The crime of Sylvestre Bonnard.

It is common knowledge that people of different personalities tend to identify themselves with different career or job profiles. Professional satisfaction is predominantly connected to your attitude and your personality traits. Another point you need to keep in mind is the personality types do not have clear-cut boundaries, so it is common that we often see people bordering 2-3 personality types or with overlapped types. This explains why most people change their careers horizontally or change jobs within their chosen career.

Dissecting Two Dynamic Personality Types

General Outlook Of INTJs And ENTJs: To others surrounding these born leaders they may appear unreasonable and arrogant at times. However, INTJs and ENTJs have enviable qualities that brought them to where they are. What separates them from others are qualities like strong intuitive and judging abilities. They stand for the right things and they know when to take action. They are perfectionists and have enormous thinking capacities. They want to measure the world, including themselves, by their own standards. They easily get frustrated by incompetence of others. They want to change the norms of the world. They are the system builders. Six Sigma Master Black Belts come to mind when one thinks of these two dynamic personality types.

What Suits Them: Business Development, CEO, Crisis Management, Economics, Law, Judge, Administrator, Corporate Leader, etc. If you look at these successful professionals, it becomes clear they were not afraid of taking risks and challenges head-on.

How You Can Make A Career Choice

Identifying your career choice depends on your personality type and how you perceive a particular job. Defining your personality is to clearly understand whether or not each aspect of the profession/career you have chosen suits you.

Dissatisfaction in a job, fatigue and the restlessness that you are doing much more/less than what you are capable of resets your career choice automatically. A simple checklist of what a profession entails and whether you like or can handle the responsibilities and main tasks are what should guide you. Consider for a moment what attributes make a dispatch clerk happy doing just the routine thing - it is the contentment, the pull within, the shyness to venture into the unknown, which holds him/her.

Your aptitude for minute details, perfection, compliance and liking for numbers can suit you for an accountant's job. If you are content doing your assigned job perfectly and punctually without having the responsibility to make decisions, then higher education goals may not be in your plan.

Can You Reset Your Personality Type

To a certain extent, yes! Certain characteristic traits are hereditary so they can only be honed but can't be entirely changed. Nevertheless, knowledge, skills and motivation can help turn your personality up a notch and open up new opportunities for you.
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