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Avoid Copywriting Mistakes, And Increase Sales

Dec 27, 2007
There are three simple mistakes that are made by copywriters. Since the goal of direct-response copywriters is to get as many sales and opt-ins as possible, these mistakes should be avoided.

You can instantly increase your opt-ins or sales or actions, by correcting these three specific mistakes.

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What are the three most common mistakes made by copywriters? They're not grammar or syntax errors. They are rather errors in approach or mindset. While these may seem to be "soft" topics, they directly affect your results.

The three mistakes are:

Not understanding the reader. In order to sell a product, you must know what drives people to buy it. Robert Collier says you must join in a conversation which is already occurring in your reader's mind. If you get to know your readers intimately, you will be able to write words that speak directly to them. Echo their thoughts and feelings in order to get their attention. Eugene Schwartz says that, "You cannot, with your copy, create desire. You can only channel desire that already exists" (from his great book, Breakthrough Advertising). Find out what they desire, and use the right words to sell to them.

Copy that sounds like advertising. Many copywriters are guilty of this - they see truly inspiring copy, and want to follow the same style. But is that style appropriate for the product you are selling, and the readers to whom you are selling it? There's nothing wrong with finding inspiration, but you must write to your reader. Writing to impress other copywriters won't sell products or services. It's a sure promotion-killer!

Not knowing the product. Eugene Schwartz often wrote book promotions. He would actually read the book. He wouldn't just read it once, either - he would read it three or four times, and make pages and pages of notes while he read. Only then would he write the sales copy. Writing copy for a product you know nothing about is a terrible disservice to your customers. If you know your product intimately, your copy will improve dramatically. Better sales will follow.
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