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Turbo-charge Your Product Launch

Dec 27, 2007
Many marketers wonder if product launches still work. We all know the techniques, we all see it coming. Could this formula still work? Why do a product launch, anyway?

It's true that "standard" product launches are not as effective as they were a year ago. Despite that, product launches are as strong as ever.

To make a successful product launch now, you need to follow a formula. Let's face it, all the low-hanging fruit has already been picked. But with this formula, created by Jeff Walker, you can have a successful product launch.

Jeff Walker coordinated the launch for the Membership Site Boot Camp. Perhaps you have heard of it. This amazing launch, for which I wrote copy, earned $1.7 million in the first week alone! Yes, product launches are still a great way to make money.

I encourage you to check out Jeff's original Product Launch Formula at www.TheProductLaunchFormula.com. Even if you don't plan on purchasing his course, he still gives away great free information on this site. Visit soon!

These three tactics can help you boost your launch results:

Use a "reverse squeeze page". This term was created by John Reese, I believe, and not too long ago at that. In this case, you offer free content before you ask for their opt-in information. As an example, you offer them a free article or video. At the end, advise clients that you will be creating more of the same. "If you'd like to get more videos absolutely free, fill in your name and e-mail address." In this case, you give something to get something.

Give away your best material right up front. The mistake most marketers make is NOT giving away their best material up front. The common fear is, "If I give away my best stuff, I won't have anything to sell them!" This concept was actually pioneered by Eugene Schwartz, the great copywriter and author of Breakthrough Advertising. He found that when you give away your best product, the perceived value of your salable product goes up. What goes through people's minds is, "Wow, if this is what they're giving away, the stuff they have inside must be AWESOME!" They assume that what they haven't seen is just as good or better than what they have. Now, you may ask what happens if they get inside and discover that the product you're selling isn't as good as what you gave away? What frequently happens is you benefit from what I call the "Halo Effect". They were so impressed by the material you gave away that they credit the other material with being better than perhaps it actually is. There's nothing wrong with this - it is going on inside their nervous system with no manipulation on your part.

Offer a strong personal story to your sublist. Don't e-mail them on Friday to tell them that you will sell them something on Monday. Instead, make it a story. Offer personal tidbits of information or insights into the progress of your product launch. Show them your e-mails and feedback from other clients. Take them to blog posts. Do all the things that Jeff Walker teaches.

Jeff's Product Launch Formula is a wise investment, in my opinion. Use these three tips to get started on your next product launch. Not only will you gain new business, but you will also improve your conversions.
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