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Make Money Online - The Basic How To

Dec 27, 2007
"Make Money Online" is a phrase searched on Google over 30 000 times every single month. We can assume there are 30 000 people around the globe that look for information which will allow them to make money online.

The truth is - it is possible to make millions, working from home, using nothing but a computer or a laptop. The sad truth is, only few of the 30 000 monthly web surfers make their dream come true and actually start to make money on the internet.

The majority gets confused and even very skeptical about the online business, not realizing that online business is just like any other business - it requires time and effort. Money and Investments is a secondary issue and could be easily bypassed. Many successful Internet Marketers earn over $500 a day on autopilot and without spending a single dime!

People who are motivated enough to invest their time and effort will eventually make it, online or offline. However, thousands of people chose to start an online business because in most cases it means:

- No initial investments
- No need to rent a place/office/warehouse
- A worldwide audience could be reached with a simple click of the mouth
- The same audience could be reached much faster

There are many other privileges that Internet has to offers and you are most likely already aware of them.

So how does one actually make money online?
The most common way making money on the internet is monetizing your existent website or blog. If you do not own a site or blog - there are hundreds of free tools and services online that will allow you to create one in few simple steps. You could create a professional website within 5 minutes, even if you have absolutely no knowledge about web designing or programming. This is one of the great advantages of working online.

The most popular way of making money online is becoming an affiliate marketer. Basically you advertise someone's product, and when the sale goes through - you receive a cut, a commission which sometimes goes as high as 75%. There are thousands of affiliate programs online; most of them are free to join.

Now the harder part comes in - generating traffic. When you advertise a product, you want people to buy it, and in order for them to buy it off of your site - you need them to come to your site. The flow of the website visitors is the online business most wanted element - the traffic. There are many ways of generating traffic, either paid or free. Paid traffic is easier to get, but not always better. You could literally pay someone to send 10 000 visitors to your site - but would these people actually be interested in what you have to offer? Not always...

One of the best ways to get quality traffic is getting listed by a huge search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. If your blog or site comes up in search results for a specific term, the chances are people searching for that term are ready to take out their credit card and buy the product. So you get an interested visitor, potential customer and you haven't spent a penny to get it - what else could you possibly want?
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