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Stamp Out Writer's Block

Dec 27, 2007
Before we start, I have one thing to say: Writer's Block doesn't really exist. You either write, or you don't write. Writer's block is nothing more than a myth, a scary monster to haunt our dreams.

Can you imagine seeking medical assistance, only to be told by the doctor, "I can't help you today, because I've got a terrible case of Doctor's Block"? Of course not. It would be silly. Writers are no different - you just may not feel like writing today.

Writer's block is only a reluctance to write. But how can you cut through that resistance and get writing again? Today's resource is a book by Steven Pressfield. The War of Art is a great book for writers, one that I highly recommend.

What are some practical tips you can use to break through that resistance, get past Writers Block and get writing?

Here are three ways you can dissolve this resistance, and start writing:

Just write SOMETHING. It doesn't matter what. Write a grocery list, scribble a note to your mom, even fill out a card for a friend. No, I'm not kidding. Write anything, but just write. If you just write something, the simple act of writing can often cut through writer's block.

Change your emotional state using tips from Tony Robbins. Pay attention to your focus, physiology, and language.

Focus is what you pay attention to. You can choose to focus on your writer's block, but that rarely makes it go away - in fact, it can make your writer's block worse than before. Pay attention to something else for a while. Try focusing on something positive, like how great you feel. Focus on the notes for your current project. Even if you aren't writing, you can still read them.

Physiology - Your body language affects your mood. If you are slumped over your keyboard, the very picture of defeat, you will feel defeated. Instead, sit up straight, take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulders, and get ready to write, write, write. Just try it - it works!

The language you use in your head affects how you feel about a situation. Most people think that is backwards, but it's not. Perhaps the dialogue inside your head goes something like this: "I've got writer's block, so I must be lazy. I just don't have the discipline to write, and this proves how lazy and bad I am". STOP! Torturing yourself never helps. You must change your language, the words you use in your self-talk. What you are experiencing is resistance to writing, and that resistance comes from many sources. Use the tips in this article to help end that resistance and get writing again.

Jot down all those reasons why you aren't writing. Grab a pen and paper, or sit at your keyboard, and write down all the excuses you use to get out of writing. Perhaps you don't feel like writing because you are tired, or perhaps you argued with your friend. Whatever it is, write it down. Then look honestly at those reasons. Don't they look kind of silly? Often, when I perform this exercise, I have to laugh at all those reasons - they seem so logical in my head, and yet on paper they look ridiculous! I start to laugh, and my writing flows again.

Can these tips really help? Yes, they can! You see, in my opinion, there really is no such thing as writer's block. Use these tips to stamp it out for good.
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