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Using Audio To Boost Conversions

Dec 27, 2007
In another article, I talked about using audio to collect testimonials on your website. There are many other ways to use audio as well. Audio has proven itself to be a "Ninja weapon" for boosting conversions when used properly in your marketing. If you do it properly, it will almost without fail boost sales.

Adding audio to your website is easy. All you need is an hour to add audio to three important parts of your website. Then sit back and watch your conversions soar.

I believe the best tool on the market for putting audio on your website is Audio Generator. Here's the site: http://newaudiomarketing.com. It is extremely easy to use. In fact, I find that most people end up putting more audio on their site once they have an Audio Generator account just because it is so easy to use.

Here are three places to use audio for better conversions:

The squeeze page. You don't have to write new copy - simply read the copy that is already there. Try something like, "Hi, this is Ray Edwards. Welcome to my site. I'd love to explain how my services can help you increase sales and boost conversions. To find out more, just fill in your name and e-mail address, then click the submit button." That's a crude example, just off the top of my head, but this shows you how your audio should sound. Make it autoplay on your squeeze page so clients hear it right away. You may wonder if autoplay is annoying. Well, it may annoy a few clients, but it will also help you sell to a whole lot of clients. I've tested this on my clients' sites - sites for Jeff Walker, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Alex Mandossian, among others. In most cases, adding audio autoplay gets higher opt-in rates. Amazing!

The sales page, right in your guarantee. Add a press-to-play button in the guarantee area of your sales page. Test data shows that this gives a bigger boost in conversions. People are reassured to hear a guarantee spoken - text just isn't that comforting, sometimes.

Your order page. Sounds crazy? It's not. I recommend autoplay on this page too. When people click the "Buy" button to get to the order page, include a brief audio clip: "Congratulations on making a great decision. Don't forget, you get all these benefits when you act right now. Simply fill out your name and billing information. Make sure you double-check your credit card information for accuracy, then click the submit button." An audio feed here gives you more completed orders.
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