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How To Get Endless Testimonials On Autopilot

Dec 27, 2007
Great testimonials - whether audio or video - can make a huge impact. Yet marketers struggle to find enough good testimonials for their websites.

How can you get great testimonials? Well, doing great work is a start! Your fans will want to help you spread the word. However, even your biggest fans may need a little push to get those testimonials flooding in.

If you take a few simple steps to prime the pump, you could soon find yourself with an endless flood of testimonials. Best of all, these methods will keep testimonials rolling in, even while you sleep.

Take some time to set up audio on your site - it is a powerful promotional tool. The easiest and best way, in my opinion, is to use the Audio Generator at www.NewAudioMarketing.com. It is easy to use, and works wonders.

There are three ways to increase your testimonials today:

Ask for them. If you have provided any kind of service to your list at all, you can e-mail them asking for testimonials. Your e-mail could say something like this: "Dear Ray, In the past you purchased product X from us. Could you take a few minutes and tell us how you like it and what you thought of your experience with our company. If you have positive comments, we might even use it in our marketing. Thanks so much for your cooperation." Of course, you can word it differently, so they know it's from you, and not me. Just asking for the testimonials will produce a great response.

Get an ATM (Automated Testimonial Machine). This works 24/7, whether you are awake or not. Go to this site (mine!) for an example at: http://rayedwards.com/feedback and see "Ray's Automated Testimonial Machine". This is one of the features of Audio Generator.

Ask for more testimonials (repeatedly!) in your autoresponders. Set this up and forget it. Simply put your testimonial requests into e-mails, and plug them into your autoresponder. Over a period of days or weeks, depending on what you need, your customers will be asked for testimonials. Of course, you will then send those testimonials to your ATM. Lather, rinse, repeat!

These techniques will help you get a flood of automated testimonials. I use these tips, and they work. Give them a try, and start your own flood today!
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