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Melaleuca's Relationship Marketing Tactic

Dec 27, 2007
Melaleuca network marketing is another company that promotes selling to your friends and family under the premise of "relationship marketing". The incentive you provide as a Melaleuca sales rep will be that you are able to pass on savings to your friends and family. Since they are already using many of the products you'll provide, switching to your Melaleuca products will help both them and you.

Wrong! Relationship marketing works only when you don't have a financial interest in the sales recommendations you are making. All you've succeeded in doing is making your friends and family feel ultra uncomfortable and sooner or later, they're avoiding you.

The next problem with this idea of relationship marketing is that you are taught to assume that friends and family should buy from you simply because they know you. Knowing someone might seem like a good reason to give them your business, but there are still many more factors that go into a buying decision. The bottom line is that your friends and family will most likely view you as someone who's trying to make some money off of them.

As if relationship marketing couldn't be twisted any further, now you have the "three foot rule" to contend with. Basically, the "three foot rule" states that you start talking to someone within three feet of you. My friends, this is still not relationship marketing! In fact, this is a waste of time because you have no way to qualify your prospects. You'll end up talking to people who are ready to join your business or purchase your product.

Relationship marketing, when used correctly is generally not used to draw new clients into your business. If you want to gain new clients and prospects, then use a sales tactic like giving incentives as part of your marketing strategy. Give something away for free and you'll find that you'll be attracting more people to your business than ever before! Once that happens, then that's where relationship marketing is used - with people who have already made a commitment to your business by buying something or requesting more information.

Write articles that push emotional hot buttons to get your targeted consumers. Don't rely on selling to your friends and family and lose sight of the fact that you'll still need qualified leads in order to build your business to success.

Work with people who want to be worked with. This means that you have to qualify your Melaleuca leads. You have to find out if they are looking for something you can provide. Using something like an info request box and an auto-responder can automate your prospecting process and help you sort out the ones who are genuinely interested in your business.

Generating a targeted lead is actually quite easy and in fact, you should automate this process of lead generation for your business. Give your prospects information and more information and set yourself up as the Melaleuca information guru. Use flyers, ads and even your own website as a means to draw in new business. You should also invest in an auto-responder to help you provide a top quality service for your Melaleuca.com business no matter what time of the day it is.

Keep feeding your lead refining process. There will always be someone who doesn't want to participate in your business, but those people shouldn't be your focus. Your focus should be on finding people who do want to be a part of your business. When that happens, you will find that your business will flow more smoothly and you'll begin to see real results!
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