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Tap The Profit Power Of Niche Marketing

Dec 27, 2007
Today, we'll talk about how you can cash in with the power of niche marketing.

Many people think that you can't make a profit with niche marketing. Ed Dale and Fred Kerr popularized niche marketing with their course, "Underachiever". However, since that course isn't available anymore, people assumed that niche marketing is dead.

They couldn't be more wrong! Niche marketing is alive and well. It is still possible to make a healthy profit using this technique. A close friend uses niche marketing to sell to obscure markets over the Internet. He earns about $8000 each month, and his business is still growing! You can learn from great Internet teachers specializing in marketing.

I have another friend, Dr. Andrew Jones, who started as a client, then a coaching student and now a friend. He started with a little $27 e-book in a niche market, and has grown it into a $15,000/month business. And it's still growing!

How does this work? Well, I teach that in my coaching program. As of this writing, there are a few spots left. You can check it out at this site, if you're interested: http://www.rayedwards.com/letmein, "5k In 30 Days". If there is any room left, I'd love to have you join us.

I didn't write this article to sell you my coaching program. I want to sell you an idea - that niche marketing works, and can help you cash in. I'm offering you five simple steps to build your niche, quickly and easily. Of course, this is a broad overview of a complex topic, but these simple steps can get you on your way without spending any money or undertaking a long study of marketing. You'll have to put some work into it, but you already knew that, right? Too bad you can't just push a button and have money spit out of your CD-ROM.

Follow these steps, and start your niche market today!

Find a product. I say "find" and not "create" because many people are intimidated by the thought of creating their own product (unfairly, as it turns out, since product creation is quite easy). Begin by finding private label rights packages which offer you the right to re-publish a product that has already been created. You may think these products aren't worth much, maybe because everyone has seen them, or they don't work well, or The truth is, despite the number of people who have private label sites, very few people actually use the products. Simply repackage the product with new graphics and a new title to get a great product in a short time. I promise, it's easy and fast - you can do it in less than an hour! Just pick one, and start playing. Less than an hour, I promise!

Set up your sales page and testing software. Most private label rights packages come with a pre-written sales page. Ideally, you don't want to use this forever, but it's a good place to start; then you can test it using Google's Website Optimizer and tweak it to improve your sales.

Link payment pages to Paypal or Clickbank. These sites provide payment services for a small fee. This is a great way to avoid the hassle of setting up credit card payments on your site.

Drive traffic to your site with Adwords. Go to Google and set up an Adwords account. Their tutorials are great, and will guide you through the process.


Ready for one last piece of advice? "How to make money online" is NOT a good niche market to start with. It is a good market, but very competitive. Instead, start with a less-competitive market. Your competition will be less sophisticated, and you will be able to earn as you learn.
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