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All The Clients You Can Deal With

Dec 27, 2007
Nearly all copywriters worry about finding clients. I often speak at seminars and conventions. Copywriters approach me all the time with the same question: "How can I get more clients?"

This seems ironic that a copywriter and marketer should have a problem getting clients. Yet, it is the #1 problem for both new and experienced copywriters.

There is good news. You can find all the clients you can handle. It's easy. However, you may have to acquire new skills, skills that we usually don't use. Don't beat yourself up - I can help you gain these skills.

As copywriters, our skill is writing good copy that sells. It is a different thing altogether to have the personal, selling and business skills to attract clients.

The main skill required for acquiring clients is sales. I've found that an excellent resource for increasing your sales skills is Jeffrey Gitomer's website, www.Gitomer.com. Jeffrey is the premier sales trainer in America right now.

Here is a simple 5-Step System to help you attract more copy clients:

1. Develop your marketing site. Your website needs to market you. Write some copy that sells you. Don't make your own copy your lowest priority, like most copywriters. Take some time and make it the best copy you can possibly write. After all, you are your most important client!

2. Use a sales process. There are several tools at your disposal: use a lead generation page - like a forced opt-in page, an autoresponder, opt-in (ethical, of course) bribes to get potential clients to sign up. There should be a plan that will lead the client to the point of asking for, in our case, a quote on copy writing services. Do the sales process as if you were doing it for a client.

3. Screen your clients. There are several ways to do this. One of the fastest and most effective is sticker shock. By posting my rates on my site, I weed out clients who should go somewhere else. Don't get me wrong - I like people, and I enjoy working with them. But not everyone can afford my rates. It is a fact that as your copywriting skills improve, you will be flooded with more jobs. If you get more work than you can handle, you have two choices - you can either politely refuse jobs (because of a lack of time), or you can raise your rates accordingly (to reflect your increased skills). Of course, this assumes that your work offers a great rate of return for your clients, which will be the subject of a different article.

4. Follow-up marketing is important! Use it all the time, every time. Theoretically, your autoresponder should go on and on, into infinity.

5. Network and attend seminars. The best thing you can do for your business is to seek new faces and opportunities by networking and attending seminars. Last year, I spent about $50,000 on travel expenses to attend seminars. Of course, you don't need to spend this much! Search out a few key events, concentrating on those that will be packed with potential clients. Make it a priority to get there. In my opinion, Armand Morin's Big Seminar is one of the best places for copywriters to meet and greet new clients. More information can be found on his website at www.NewBigSeminar.com.

Incidentally, these five steps will work if you are a web designer, marketing consultant, or any type of service professional. Use them and watch your client list grow!
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