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What Nbc, Abc, Cbs And Fox News Says About Limu And Work-at-home

Dec 27, 2007
As most of my readers and followers are aware, when I am not writing travel articles, I am shamelessly promoting my online stores, cartoons, or writing about dogs, health products, depression, spirituality, et al. I am not a distributor of anything but my own cartoon merchandise and an article here and there. Certainly not network marketing health products, and I've never even seen or read about one that impressed me....until now.

Oddly enough, the town in which I live, Hot Springs, Ar only has a population of about 35,000 people. I only associate with a hundred at the most. A new one entered my life, merely by coincidence named Sheila Parrish who happened to be the top Limu Moui Juice distributor in the area. I shared with her what I'd learned of the product. She already knew of these reports.

She told me she had become a distributor for this new health product that could be one of the, if not the most powerful immune system booster and healer on the planet. Of course I was skeptical as you can imagine. I've been studying herbology, vitamins, etc. for decades. What was this limu moui?

She tried to explain as much as she could to me but asked me to later visit her website which I did. It was a well-appointed tropical looking site with a very interesting video featuring a variety of the national news reports on Limu Moui. My only complaint was the native music with repetitive beating drums but the info was important enough for me to overlook that.

All one needs to do is google the product and maybe add the term "research" with it. Amazingly much has been done over the years. Real research, not company financed junk. And it appears there is only one Limu company that, due to the proprietary way the process it, their Limu contains 2400% more fucoidan than the leading competitor. Fuciodan, as I said, is the natural life-saving chemical agent in the product. Apparently, the company to make the purchase, or become a distributor is The Original Limu Company, which is good. That is the one Sheila represents.

In my early work years, I was employed in the health food industry for a short while. I learned very early on that much of it was based on company hype rather than fact. I breathed a sigh of relief after seeing all the scientific tests and hoops this fucoidan, made from Tongan brown seaweed and made into a tasty juice called Limu, had to jump through. And it is tasty, by the way, due to the pear, apple and mango addition combo, I imagine.

I am glad no claims were made by this distributor, Sheila in our conversation. Even though I already knew them to be proven by medical science, it would have turned me off. I don't like when a lay person makes scientific or medical claims without backing it up with research, or at least showing me where I can find it. She showed me, and I found much more as well.

Though some might call Limu "pricey", I looked at the price and, compared with many health food products that offer much less, and do not have the thumbs up from the medical and science community, it is actually relatively inexpensive, and, can probably make up for the price in a matter of month, sans more doctor bills for (name your pain du jour).

Sheila does not sell Limu exclusively. She has a regular job that supports her children. But she says there may be a time when she will consider only selling Limu as she does not get the satisfaction of helping others in a positive way in her day job. She would be great as she is not pushy, simply gives good information on the product and the fact that she takes it herself. At 55, (and she looks 33; kind of a Christy Brinkley/Bo Derek) look, she is a walking testimonial. Something is working, that is for sure.

I told her my past experience in network marketing was not positive. Of course at that time, there was no Internet to blog, ping, do article marketing etc. Plus I did not have a highly endorsed product. She does.

If you have tried all the hyped up health products out there, and I'm not judging you if you have, as I have, then call Sheila today. She will guide you in the right direction.
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Nothing is so rare than for the scientific and medical research community to agree on a health product having strong medical benefits. Limu Juice is one such product. Before you buy, contact Sheila Parrish limu fucoidan
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