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Limu Moui Juice: Abc, Cbs, Fox & Nbc News Gives Thumbs Up

Dec 27, 2007
I am a cartoonist, etailer and writer. I mainly write about my own new products and/or cartoons. I have always been interested in alternative medicine, but have researched enough to know that a large percentage of it is hype. I was recently surprised to be proven otherwise about one called Limu Moui Juice.

Oddly enough, the town in which I live, Hot Springs, Ar only has a population of about 35,000 people. I only associate with a hundred at the most. A new one entered my life, merely by coincidence named Sheila Parrish who happened to be the top Limu Moui Juice distributor in the area. I shared with her what I'd learned of the product. She already knew of these reports.

It takes a lot to convince me about some new health product, much less anything else. I guess that comes with age; am past 50 now which to many makes me a dinosaur. But this dinosaur still wants a healthy immune system so I listened to Sheila, albiet reluctantly.

She asked me to visit her site and watch the video. I procrastinated but finally did. Her radiance, I must say, was enough to sell it to me in person, without even opening her mouth.

This is The Original Company that harvests it, not a "Johnny come lately" who may or may not be as knowledgeable. Positive double-blind independent research was shown from various sources (of course I double check/googled) them to discover they were, indeed done. Not only that but several hundred more, all showing glowing results; that is, to boost the immune system, and, most likely, have reverse aging qualities. But all from a Tonga Island brown seaweed? Oh please!

When the western medical communty even makes mention of a natural product possibly have healing and preventative measures, it is more of a modern-day miracle than imaginable, especially when they say it has strongl medicinal properties.

Of course, there are no claims on the site. That part didn't bother me as As I mentioned I've worked in the health food industry and understand keenly what we are to say and not say. And she said it correctly.

Though some might call Limu "pricey", I looked at the price and, compared with many health food products that offer much less, and do not have the thumbs up from the medical and science community, it is actually relatively inexpensive, and, can probably make up for the price in a matter of month, sans more doctor bills for (name your pain du jour).

Sheila does not sell Limu exclusively. She has a regular job that supports her children. But she says there may be a time when she will consider only selling Limu as she does not get the satisfaction of helping others in a positive way in her day job. She would be great as she is not pushy, simply gives good information on the product and the fact that she takes it herself. At 55, (and she looks 33; kind of a Christy Brinkley/Bo Derek) look, she is a walking testimonial. Something is working, that is for sure.

I tried network marketing or MLM years ago. It was prior to the Internet and I did not have much luck with it. Besides, unlike Limu, the product itself was not that great and quite expensive. She has a good thing going with both the Internet and an excellent and possibly life saving product.

This is the kind of product that everyone wants. I feel they've been awaiting it. And, at 53, believe me one does start thinking about their immune system. Even if they tell you they are not. Talk to Sheila today, I encourage you (after watching the video) and give this amazing product a try. This is one of those few that I believe may be the "real thing". Go for it!
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Nothing is so rare than for the scientific and medical research community to agree on a health product having strong medical benefits. Limu Juice is one such product. Before you buy, contact Sheila Parrish limu fucoidan
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