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How To Increase Opt-in Page Conversions

Dec 27, 2007
Lately, Internet marketers have been telling me, "Ray, people don't opt-in to squeeze pages nowadays. They just don't opt-in like they used to". Do remarks like this have you nodding in agreement?

It's harder than ever to get an opt-in. Partly, this is because of spam, fear, and paranoia. Once upon a time, all you had to do was include the magic words, "Sign up here to get e-mails". No kidding, that's all it took.

Everyone would opt-in like mad! Everything was so exciting and new back then - e-mails, e-mailed newsletters, the list went on and on. "You've got mail" would get people dancing with excitement. Needless to say, things have changed. Nowadays, we've got multiple e-mail addresses and e-mail addresses that change regularly. Some people even have false e-mail accounts which they don't check, a convenient place to store all that spam.

Cutting through the clutter is a challenge. How can you make sure you are getting real opt-ins from people who will actually read the e-mails you send out?

There are proven methods for increasing your opt-in conversions; all it takes is a small amount of work.

Try these three tactics to boost your opt-ins:

Make a powerful offer. You need to offer an ethical bribe - a special report, a newsletter, a piece of software - in order for people to opt-in. However, to the average person, saying "Sign up for my newsletter" translates to "Give me your e-mail address so I can spam you". Obviously, you need a more creative approach. Whatever your ethical bribe, make it amazing. Don't just offer a special report. Offer a killer report, filled with great writing and unique material. Don't just offer the same old stuff that can be found anywhere. Make it something that they can only get through you. Make sure that it addresses your customer's needs!

Use a bigger, "responsive" HTML button. Go to my website: www.RayEdwardsCopy.com and look at the button on the subscription form on my squeeze page. Notice that it's larger than most buttons you see on subscription forms. Notice also, that when you hover your cursor over the button, the background changes color from red to green. That is a subtle, psychological hint that takes people from "Stop" to "Go!" Yeah, that's a little sillybut, in my experience, it increases conversions. I can verify this through some colleagues of mine: Michel Fortin, Eric Graham - The Conversion Doctor and Armand Morin, as well. My recommendation is that you try this kind of button, too.

Keep all distractions off your opt-in pages. Look at my page again. You'll notice there are no distractions available. I have some legal notices at the bottom of the page, but they are required to be there (You should have legal notices at the bottom of your pages, too). But notice that I display them in subtle fashion, and when you click on them, they open in smaller pop-up windows, and don't lead people away from my opt-in page.

While these suggestions seem very simplistic, they really work. Try them for yourself, and watch your opt-in rates soar!
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