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Business Monitoring For The Best Goals

Dec 27, 2007
The most obvious lesson Chloe teaches is thinking outside of the box. I have nicknamed her Houdini because it seems that nothing holds her in. We tried using a crate with her and she was so stressed and distressed by the experience that I couldn't continue to listen to her whimper and cry all night and abandoned the idea. Next we bought a pet gate and installed it across the doorway in the hall so she could be in the hall and the laundry room when we were away. After she knocked the gate down, chewed up the assembly so it could not be re-installed and set off the burglar alarm, causing the police to be called, we decided that would not work either. So, we bought a 48" high exercise pen and set it up in the hallway-she could not jump over it so she crawled under it and got out. We reset the fasteners so she could not crawl under and she managed to drag the entire pen out of the hallway, into the foyer where she pushed it over enough to jump up onto a bench and get free.

Over the last few months we have witnessed the growing acceptance of our Government in Australia that climate change is a reality and that the production of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon) is driving these changes. Greenhouse gasses are produced by the production of energy - burning petrol, using electricity that comes from a coal fired power station and so on.

Many of us have suspected for a few years that pumping vast quantities of carbon into the atmosphere is not sustainable and that we in the West need to show leadership in tackling high carbon emissions. It is difficult for us in our comfortable lifestyles to face that we may need to change our ways slightly!

After calculating our 2006 Carbon Footprint (visit Carbon Calculator page) and looking at ways to reduce our 2007 Carbon Footprint we needed to offset the carbon we had produced in 2006. The most straightforward way to offset the carbon you create is to buy trees, when a tree is planted and starts to grow it absorbs carbon therefore neutralizing the effect that the carbon could have on the atmosphere.

Several charities and companies offer a tree planting service - simply visit Google type in 'Carbon Neutral' and you will see a whole selection of tree planters. These various organizations charge differing amounts to offset one ton of carbon. We have found US based project charging as little as $5 to offset one ton. We have chosen a local Australian based organization who cost almost triple this amount to offset with. There are three main reasons for using this local scheme - planting in Australia will provide local jobs and help our local environment and the schemes they run are fully audited.

You work hard and you are successful, yet deep inside you feel you could be challenging yourself even more. Unsure of how to get to the next level, you continue setting goals, but find that most days ultimately end the same as the day before. With a Business/Executive Coach, you would have the opportunity to bridge the gap between expectation and performance, so you don't find yourself constantly creating new goals, yet ending with the same results.
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