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How To Sell Advertising Online And Get Fantastically Rich

Dec 27, 2007
The growth of advertising purchases on the internet from businesses of all types is growing at an exponential rate.

Is it possible that you could sell advertising on the internet? After all Google is selling billions of dollars worth of it every year, and it is run by 2 boys that started in their college dorm room.

Kids as young as 10 years old have reported selling advertising online, as well as people as old as 101. But what is their secret? Surely if a 10 year old can do it anyone can. Isn't that so?

Making a fortune online is possible. The answer is Yes. And you don't need to be the largest seller. Even if you sell a miniscule part of the overall pie, you can become incredibly wealth.

So how do you do it? It is a pretty simple concept really. Build a website that has the interest of your local businesses. Why not start a website that talks about local gossip around town?

Find a few juicy pieces of information to post on your website every day. Of course everyone loves gossip.

It is important you put a counter on your website. StatCounter.com is very good, free, and easy to use.

There are many ways to put a simple website together, perhaps even just get a blog such as wordpress and install it on your own domain name. Then create some graphics that represents your town to put on your blog or website.

Then start writing the pieces of gossip about your town each day and soon you will have traffic starting to come. Once you have some traffic coming regularly to the website, you are ready to start cashing in.

Visit your local businesses and show them your website. Show them the statcounter and explain these are all from local residents. Wouldn't they want to have an advertisement on a website that has only local visitors? I bet they would.

Using this secret method, you will find it really does work, assuming you work at it yourself. Good luck!
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