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How to Become a Firefighter

Dec 27, 2007
If you are seriously committed to the idea of becoming a firefighter, we salute you. The job of being a firefighter is challenging, interesting, rewarding, and very well respected. In fact, there was a survey recently that showed firefighting as the most respected career in the US. Firefighting was even ahead of professions such as doctor and college professor.

But to become a firefighter, you must first understand that there is intense competition for every position that becomes available. For that matter, there are usually numerous candidates for every position - sometimes as many or as 10 or 15 people competing for the same opening.

This means it is critical for you to understand what it takes to win a firefighting position.

The process begins with knowing where to look for firefighting jobs. Obviously, the first place is your local newspaper and the best place to find firefighter positions in its Sunday edition. If you do not live in a major city with a newspaper that has a leadinga Sunday edition, you might go to your local library on Monday and check for classified ads for firefighters in nearby large cities. For example, if you lived in Wray, Colorado, your best bet would be the Sunday edition of the Denver Post.

The next step

The next step in how to become a firefighter is to a get and fill out an application. You can usually get information about the exam and application process from your city's department of personnel (or HR department) or from your local fire department. You might also be able obtain an application from your school guidance office or your local library.

To begin the application process you should locate the appropriate agencies and give them a call. When you call, be sure to have a pencil and paper ready to write down any instructions or directions you are given. You can explain that you need.

1. Information about the examination
2. The application itself
3. The correct procedure for filling out the application

The written exam

The next step towards winning that coveted badge will be a written examination. The typical written firefighter exam takes about 3 1/2 hours and may include 100 or more questions. The best way to prepare for a written exam is to get a book on firefighter exams. There are several available via the Internet and if you are willing to settle for a used copy, they are generally inexpensive.

Assuming you score high enough on the written exam to continue the process, you'll next be required to take a physical test. These tests are designed to simulate actual firefighting duties, and include exercises such as hose drag, hose carry, ladder climbing, latter raise and victim removal. You will most likely be required to do these while wearing firefighter clothing and equipment, and to complete the tasks within a stated amount of time.

The physical and psychological evaluation

The next step will be a physical examination, followed by a psychological evaluation. The work of a firefighter is often stressful and performed under harsh conditions. The purpose of the psychological evaluation is to make sure that you can function well under these conditions will and that you will work well with other members of your team.

This, in short, is how to become a firefighter. We congratulate you on your choice of careers and wish you well in your quest.
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