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Best Ezines - What Makes A Successful Ezine?

Dec 27, 2007
If you were to ask this question out loud you'd probably have a flock of net marketers running to you with offers of their secrets to creating a successful ezine. And who knows they might work. But I feel the following information can help you obtain the best ezine without have to dish out a dime.

Your publication must be easy to read. If your ezine is poorly formatted, you will lose subscribers fast. As great as it may be your ezine will not get read if it's an eye strain for your readers. Write short paragraphs with short sentence. While graphics may enhance it do not use them as a substitute for content. Besides some users have filters that block out or leave out graphics. Also format your message so that anyone with any email can read your ezine.

Your newsletter must be of equal or greater value. In exchange for the readers time your ezine must be valuable to the reader. The best way I can think to create a successful ezine is by providing information. Meaningful, useful information are like gemstones to users. I'm not talking about an "information like" sales pitch but real information that will enhance your reader's life in way or another.

Ask yourself, "Will this piece of information ad value to my readers life today?" If not you can eliminate it from your ezine .

To be able to have one of the "best ezines", yours must be helpful. Every reader that subscribes to your ezine has a need. They subscribed to it because they got the impression that you could meet that need. Find out what their needs are and then deliver.

Do not disappoint them; because your competition is just a click away and they easily without hassle have their needs meet by someone else.

Your job means getting to know who your subscribers are. What type of person are they and most importantly what are their needs? What do they expect from you? Then find methods to offer them the necessary support.

Successful ezines do their best to help their readers. This may be done by recommending products or services that suit their needs or providing advertising space in their ezine . Yes, all this does help the publisher to grow his income but that's just the aftermath of serving your readers the best way possible.

By applying the above information you too can create one of the best ones available. Though the 'flavor of the week' product will still be shoved in your face you can chose to ignore it because you now know what really makes a successful ezine .
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Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. For more information on marketing with ezines please visit his "Top Ranked" Make Money Marketing With Ezines Directory which gives you all the information you need to Work From Home in the 21st century.
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