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Use an Article Distribution Site to Promote Your New Business

Dec 27, 2007
A top priority for new businesses is to get word out about it. Advertising continually changes as the Internet evolves. Search engines change their methods for ranking websites as necessary. Providing a lot of content articles and securing one-way back links are two methods that are currently useful for promoting a new business.

Why Use Article Distribution Sites?

The main reason to use an article distribution site is because it works. Article distribution is much more effective at promoting a new online business than manually submitting an article for publication.

When an individual submits an article for publication or offers another website with the similar niche topic a link exchange, the effectiveness is limited because you're only reaching one source at a time.

Article distribution works because it allows you to save time by posting an article only once and having it spread across the Internet with a link to your website. Webmasters who are successful at using article marketing to draw new customers don't stop after submitting just one article. Things seem to really take off after you submit 20 articles or more. You will maximize your article marketing efforts by regularly submitting articles to a distribution site to build a huge network of back links.

Another reason to use an article distribution site to promote your new business is because it is a cost-effective way to spread the word about your services. Article distribution sites vary in degree, some are free to use and others cost a nominal fee. Learn about the distribution sites reputation on the Internet before investing any money on article marketing.

Maybe the most important reason to use article marketing and a distribution site to market your new business is because the websites that publish your articles are also related to your niche topic. That means that the customers who visit these other websites are already interested in what you have to say. These are potential customers who are looking for more information. Provide superb customer service, answer customer questions quickly and provide a quality product or service and it will be easy to turn these viewers into loyal customers.

Reach Thousands of Readers with Article Distribution

Just like you, there are many websites seeking high quality content articles to attract new customers. Many of these site owners browse article directories to find these articles.

All it takes is one or two big websites or e-zines to choose your article for publication. Once your article is published on these larger sites you link will appear before 10,000 or more readers.

Every article isn't guaranteed to be published on a large scale website. Each article that you submit to an article directory will have a varied impact based on your niche, the topic of your article, the title, the key words you use, the length of the article and how well it is written.

To successfully impact the growth of your new business, you'll need to regularly submit articles to distribution services and hope that one or more of them is picked up by a major website for maximum exposure.
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