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Dec 27, 2007
Networking is one of the primary needs for business growth, customers, recruits and distributors to promote their business product or services as the case would be. A multi level marketing network system builds up leads, which can come from anywhere and those leads can be anyone with an email or bank account.

The source of the leads is not as important to the generators as the quantity sold or obtained. The number is what counts. Each identity and its correlative email are typically sold for about $4.00. However, the price varies depending on the value of that particular lead. The case of legality is questionable here. As long as honesty is maintained and no existing laws are violating, the practice of generating leads is acceptable and unstoppable.

Another important aspect of the lead is its quality, especially to the purchaser. After all, if that lead serves no use, why at all should the purchaser obtain it? If, however, that lead brings about a 2%-3% return rate through email exchange meaning that the lead initiates continuous results the purchaser is definitely satisfied.

A thousand or more leads having this return rate means unbelievable success. Unfortunately, when no responses occur on any of the leads, investment gain is zero and purchasers go where they can make a profit. That is why networks strive to focus their lead lists to those who demonstrate an interest or to others in their fields. This way, the return rate is guaranteed to be successful.

Web users who proceed unsuspectingly to register for free products or services online are bombarded by countless spam for products and services for which they are not interested. Random networking is not only messy and irritating, it is usually useless. The free part of the transaction is usually a hard to resist incentive for the web user to offer contact information or bank account and credit card numbers.

Among the examples of free incentives are free cars, free vacations, free shopping card, free dvds and free jewelry. Free offers usually come with conditions, though, such as memberships or require purchases. In any case, registration forms must always be filled in and that includes providing the so valuable contact and bank information to those promoting the deal.

This contact information, when obtained, becomes a lead that is sold to thirty or forty other businesses who then promote their products or services to the unsuspecting web user. So goes the process of spamming. The do not call registry of 2003 has restricted this process, at least as far as telemarketing goes. Trolling, as it is sometimes called, has been if not stopped altogether, then merely restricted. Contacting leads through the internet sometimes involving spamming, has not been hampered by this, however, it is still a legal practice.

Generating leads is a fishing process for businesses to draw in web users who are lead to believe that they have a chance of gaining the once in a lifetime deal. Because of this attraction which all people seem to have, generative lead marketing will always bring about a lot of results.
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