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Social Rewards Of Being A C.S.I.

Dec 28, 2007
During the last few years, police and law-related TV shows experienced a healthy renovation thanks to the impressive success of serials that show a non-conventional side of police work: forensics. Crime Scene Investigations (C.S.I.) is the best example, and probably the most popular show being aired today on this subject. As a consequence, the classic stereotypic of the TV serial shifted from the "Starsky-and-Hutch" style to the smart, science-leaning forensic analyst who seems to know just about everything.

What seems very surprising to many is that this stereotype, which would have been an oddity a decade ago is highly popular today. Perhaps due to the increased public awareness about DNA science and the popularization of paternity testing and other applications of DNA analysis, people love these characters combining the strength of the detective with the intellectual charm of the scientist in a unique blend.

Few people, however, consider forensics or C.S.I. as a real career choice even though there are many attractive benefits associated to the forensic profession. For those who are seeking for a socially rewarding career, forensics may constitute a perfect alternative. In most places, people are very respectful about justice and law enforcement workers. Just by wearing a police badge, even if not a sworn police officer, one stands out immediately among the crowd. People simply love being close to a person whose work contributes to make the country safer.

Even though these advantages of working for the police are well known to many people, most are reluctant to enroll in the force because of the risks about dealing with the 'bad guys' on the streets. Again, forensics is the perfect solution. A C.S.I. worker shows up at the crime scene once the area has been secured and protected by armed officers, and certainly the risks are minimal. A big deal of work is also conducted in the lab, where there is no exposure to potential attacks.

So far we have, a socially respected profession without the risks often associated to police work, but there are even more reasons to consider C.S.I. as a profession. By being in the payroll of a police department, a forensic worker enjoys most of the benefits included in the hiring package. These are usually substantially better than what most people can get and include great retirement conditions, good pension, excellent health insurance and overall, very attractive salary scales with good perspectives of improvement with time and experience.

This time is a perfect moment to start considering a career in forensics and related areas for a lifetime profession that is both enjoyable and profitable. Forensic experts are in great demand, and this demand will grow still for a long time, according to experts. Schools and colleges are opening programs and courses especially designed to the requirements of the law agencies and one can become a suitable candidate within a couple of years.
If you are thinking about your future, think about enrolling in a forensics program. A great alternative for a brighter future.
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Juan Salvo is a web publisher and helped many people develop successful careers in forensics. He researches and writes about forensics schools and programs in forensic science.
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