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Selling Cosmetics and Other Beauty Products Part Time

Dec 28, 2007
Many factors will influence a person's decision to begin selling cosmetics in a retail store, and others will make a personal commitment when they decide to sell cosmetics and other beauty products to family, friends, and other people that they have had personal contact with on a day-to-day basis. Selling in a retail environment allows people to earn a second income, and selling cosmetics as a consultant is a way for some to operate a home business.

Each method of selling cosmetics part time will require a certain amount of personal time because there are many products to sell and the consultant is often considered to be the cosmetic specialist and is expected to explain the characteristics and benefits of all the products they offer. Without this knowledge, customers are less likely to buy the products and the part time earnings will not be substantial enough to earn an income or pay for the products they have purchased from a distributor.

A beauty consultant might begin selling cosmetics part time and find that the customer base is so broad and the interest in the product is so high that they earn far more than they expect in the first six months. This level of confidence in the products they sell could make them change their game plan a bit, and add other people to their company that will make money selling cosmetics part time.

If the product brands are well established, the company might have a training program in place that will introduce each newcomer to the products they sell. Every cosmetic brand has a full product line of cosmetics and a beauty consultant will have a lot to learn in a short period. There are many artistic expectations that originate from customers and a beauty consultant will be expected to have a firm grip on artistic ways that each type of cosmetic in the product line can be used.

While selling cosmetics part time, the beauty consultant might spend a day or two experimenting with the tools and accessories that are used to apply cosmetics to the face. Other days might be spent wearing fragrances and noticing the subtle differences between each bottle that they have in their carry case. A beauty consultant is expected to wear the products that they sell on a part time basis and they must be ready to discuss the effects of wearing it everyday.

Selling cosmetics on a part time basis can be very time consuming because some customers are not able to shop or place orders until after they have returned home from work. Many women want to form a personal relationship with the person who sells them cosmetics because wearing cosmetics is a personal issue and the buyer must trust the person to help them make the right choices.

No cosmetic purchase is a good choice if the person is unhappy with the product and fails to wear it. Even part time salespersons know that if the product is not used, the beauty consultant cannot expect the person to order it again and without orders, a beauty consultant cannot expect to remain in business for very long. A professional beauty consultant will take the time to ensure the customer orders cosmetics in the right skin tone and will make sure that the customer thoroughly understands how to apply the product.
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