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New Year Resolutions For Network Marketers

Dec 28, 2007
Do you want 2008 to be your best year yet in network marketing? Here are four key resolutions for you to consider that will really make a significant difference to your business success.

Make Extra Time in Your Week for Your Own Skill Development

As you want better results than you have previously achieved, you will need to improve how you work your business. There is an old saying that says if you keep on doing the same thing, in the same way, you will get the same results. One of the best ways to do things differently is through the application of the knowledge you learn in your ongoing skill development - especially in areas that are critical to your business success.

Key skills to focus on for improving your business include better understanding how business works, advanced internet marketing techniques, basic and advanced selling techniques, copywriting for the net and leadership. Interpersonal skills are also something that we can never cease learning about. Remember, it is often those who are very good at communicating that experience significant success in life and business.

Become Part of a Mentor or Coaching Program

Don't rely on your upline to be your mentor or coach. While they should have a vested interest in your success, the chances are they have already imparted all the knowledge they have to you. Instead, find a mentor or coach who is interested in challenging you to build a better business and stimulate you on to greater success. Also, ensure that your coach will challenge you to look for ways to improve all aspects of your life as well as devote time to further skill development.

Sometimes the greatest successes are found through being a renegade and breaking with the "old ways" of doing business activities. A new way of looking at how you conduct you business may lead to some different approaches to what every other network marketer is using that increases your success. That's why a coach or mentor who is not actively involved in your upline can be of great assistance.

Develop Your Own Targeted Lead Sources

If you are buying leads for your business, you will need to reconsider whether this is going to be best for your long term business success. Give serious thought to and focus on how you can develop lead sources that you own so that you can be assured your leads are not shared with others. This will enable you to develop a very valuable business asset that will provide you with long term success.

A key consideration could be to build you as a brand. This will involve you having to differentiate yourself from others and will include you building expertise in a subject area associated with your business. This will enable you to become an attractor rather than a prospector. What I mean by this is that you need to develop a system where your leads come to you asking to join your business, rather than you chasing them.

Continuously Increase the Effectiveness of Your System

All business success is based on an effective marketing system. This is the case even in network marketing. The old system of drawing up a list of names, contacting family and friends, and then expanding out to others is obsolete. This is not an effective system for most people. Today, the principles of internet marketing, when combined with network marketing, can lead to tremendous success if done properly.

To increase your success, focus on continuously improving your internet marketing system wherever you can. This can involve automating aspects of it where you can. It also involves measuring your activities and establishing benchmarks so that you know when you have made improvements. It is not wise to set and forget systems. Things can change and problems can occur. Continue to monitor all automated systems to ensure they are doing the activity they are supposed to.

Well, there you have it! In my opinion, these are the four most significant factors that will impact on your success in 2008. Through having a consistent and diligent focus on these, you will experience the best year you have ever had in your network marketing business. Here's to your success!
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