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Auto Responders, Your Secret Agents

Dec 28, 2007
When you think of the perfect business, what comes to mind? For most people, the perfect business runs itself. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could automate your website so it would sell your products even while you sleep? Well, you can!

One day, along comes a visitor to your site. She sees an invitation to your newsletter, and though she is already flooded with e-mails, she's intrigued.

"Hey, I like the way this guy thinks. He makes a lot of sense. I'd like to read that newsletter and see what else he has to say."

Autoresponder number 1 has worked.

(We don't call this autoresponder number one, of course. The full name is Contact Management Online Autoresponder. Don't let that big-name scare you!)

Next, your visitor checks the product reviews. Since you've done a great job explaining all the benefits of your product, she understands the value and decides to buy.

Immediately after she makes her purchase, she gets an e-mail. She's delighted to learn that she has received an added bonus, a free gift with her purchase.

Autoresponder number 2 has done its job.

Seven days later, your customer gets another e-mail. This e- mail asks how she enjoys her product, whether it was helpful, and how your business fulfilled her expectations? At the end of the e-mail, she is also asked for a short testimonial. She e-mails her replied, and you have a new testimonial to put on your webpage.

Autoresponder number 3 has done its job.

Each week, your customer receives another e-mail. Not only does this help them with product support, the e-mail also offers valuable tips designed to keep them reading. Your clients benefit from tips on expanding their business, including information on how to build a free website without pay.

This helps keep your customer happy and reduces the likelihood that they will return your product. Remember, many people will not even use your product (especially informational products), unless you encourage them to.

Autoresponder numbers 4 through 10 have done their jobs.

Finally, customers that have purchased your $10 ebook may be interested in your $75 home study course, right? Or customers that have bought your math homeschool curriculum may be interested in your literature unit study, do you think?

Your customer will get personalized e-mails, recommending products similar to the ones that have already been purchased. She sees the benefits, and has been looking for this product for ages. Thank goodness you just brought it to her attention.

She clicks on the link and buys the related product. Auto responder number 11 has done its job.

Do you see the value of my secret agents, my autoresponder friends? They work all the time, even when I don't. I can spend time with my family, sleep, develop more products, anything that pleases me, and my auto responders will keep working without me.

Auto responders - they are a wonderful crew, and a big reason why we are enjoying another record breaking year at FamilyEBiz.com. If only I could take them out for dinner to celebrate!
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