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Getting A Part-Time Job As A Teenager

Dec 28, 2007
When you are a teenager, money is a prominent concern. You need money for the movies, going out with friends, driving a car, and saving for college. It may seem like a simple idea to just go out and get a job, but it typically takes more effort than originally anticipated. For many teenagers facing this predicament, the best course of action is to seek a part time job that can be worked after school and on weekends. Below are some important considerations to bear in mind as a younger person trying to step into a new job.

First, you will likely need to fill out a resume or job application when applying for a position. Even for part time work, it is important to come fully prepared with all your previous work history - if you have any - as well as references from previous employers or co-workers regarding any prior experience, even including babysitting or a paper route. If you don't yet have any work experience at all, then you can list any school accomplishments or groups to which you have belonged. All your personal strengths should be listed as well as anything that helps you stand out as a student or a reliable worker.

When you are offered an interview, dress appropriately for the position. That simple step demonstrates to the hiring person how important the job is to you, as well as how you can be professional even if you haven't worked for anyone before. (On the other hand, don't over-dress for a job that doesn't call for it. For example, it would be over-kill to wear a suit applying for a construction labor position.)

When heading for the interview, your hair needs to be pulled back, and jewelry kept to a minimum. Boys should wear a polo shirt and khaki pants, while for girls a nice dress or skirt and blouse would be appropriate.

Before coming, practice questions that an interviewer might realistically ask you, such as what benefit you think you can bring to the job and how well you do in school.

Once you initially meet the employer, shake the person's hand and be polite. Do not use the person's first name unless invited to do so. Otherwise, Mr. or Ms. LastName would be appropriate. As long as you show you have a good attitude and are willing to work, the hiring person may overlook the fact that you may not have as much experience as someone else.

There will likely be several other applicants interviewed for the same position, so if you do not get your first job, try not to take it personally. Over the years you - like most everyone else - will miss out on some great jobs, but it is important that you continue to try because eventually someone will see your potential and offer you a job.

Part time work is available all around, so it is up to you to pick something that you might enjoy doing and then go for it. The worst that can happen is your request for a position will be denied. However more than likely, if you follow these tips you will be able to land a part time job that you love.
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