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Dec 28, 2007
Google is a great search engine, would not you agree. And you know what makes Google great. Its relevance.

When you search for something on Google, you can be pretty sure that the results page will show you websites that closely match the subject you are looking for. That does not happen by sheer luck its the software Google uses when it indexes those hundreds of millions of websites.

Google is smart. They know that if they give you good, highly relevant results when you search, you will keep coming back every time you need a search engine. Google wants to be everybodys favorite search engine.

Now before you start thinking about how nice and friendly Google is because they want searchers to have a good search experience, you should know they have a hidden motive. Its called Pay Per Click.

You see, if Google becomes your search engine of choice, thats where you will do most, if not all your searching. And while searching, theres a fairly good chance that you will click on some of the PPC ads at the right hand side of the page. And when you do click on those ads, Google makes money.

As an AdWords Googles PPC program advertiser, you of course want to get your clicks as cheaply as you can. But many advertisers find that the bid level keeps climbing to such high levels that it becomes difficult to make a profit.

Heres the simple way to lower the cost of your clicks, Make your keywords, your ad and your landing page relevant. Google assigns a quality score to your AdWords campaign. As your quality score improves, your cost per click will decrease.

In the early days of PPC advertising, while the software was at a rudimentary stage of development, you could achieve a high display position for your PPC ad just by adjusting your bid upward. The highest bids occupied the highest positions.

It did not take the PPC engines long to conclude that some of those ads, the ones with the higher bids, were not very good ads, so they seldom got clicked. Having an ad that never gets clicked does not make money, so the PPC engines started using a combination of bid price along with click frequency to determine position.

Although linking display position to the combination of bid price and click frequency was an improvement over using only the bid price, the PPC engines evolved even further in an attempt to increase relevance of the PPC ads. Their goal is to make the top displaying PPC ads have as much relevance as the natural search results, so now, if you want lower click costs, you need to perform a mild version of Search Engine Optimization on your PPC campaigns.

Google, thru their magic software algorithms, evaluates the combination of your keywords, ad copy and landing page content in order to assign your quality score. So simply make sure that everything you are doing really is relevant.

For example, if you set up an AdWords campaign to advertise your mortgage refinancing related website and use unrelated keywords, such as download free music mp3, you can expect Google to slap you with an extremely high minimum bid price. I know thats an outrageous example, but you get the idea.

Work on the overall relevance of your keywords, ad copy and landing page content and you will likely get higher display positioning at lower bid prices than most of your competitors.
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