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Simple Changes to Lower PPC Click Cost

Dec 28, 2007
One of the great things about PPC is that you can quickly and easily make and test changes to your advertising campaigns. You can change your keywords or even tweak your ad copy to improve your overall results. Due to the nature of PPC ads showing up quickly in live searches, you can judge the effect of your changes in a relatively short period of time.

Sometimes, a simple change to your ad copy will make a drastic difference in how frequently your ad gets clicked. By testing different ad variations, you will find which version works best.

Obviously, you will be glad if your ad generates more clicks, but there is also another side benefit to the increased click frequency, Google will quite likely lower your actual price per click. Their belief is that you are getting more clicks because your new ad is more relevant to what the person searching is looking for, based upon the keyword that triggered the displaying of your ad. Google will reward you for the increased relevance by lowering your cost per click.

In many cases, especially when first starting a new PPC advertising campaign, Google will flag some of your keywords as being inactive. They will also indicate a new minimum bid level for those keywords in order to reactivate them. In essence, Google is telling you that those particular keywords are not relevant for your ad copy.

When you have your keywords deactivated, you can simply increase your bid amount to get them turned back on, but that will cost you money. A much better choice is to readjust your campaign a little in order to keep your click costs as low as possible.

This can be accomplished fairly easily by removing the inactive keywords from that ad group. If you would still like to use those keywords, create another ad group and write the ad for that group so that its more relevant to the keywords in question. When you get it right, Googles software will let you know by allowing your keywords to remain active at the original, lower bid price.

Once you see how the actual price you pay is related to the relevancy of your ad copy to your keywords, you will be able to experiment until you find the best combination of keywords and ad copy.

No doubt, you will need to develop a knack for getting this right. Sometimes, changing just a single word in your ad or even changing the order of words or lines of text can have a huge impact on your click frequency. Its sort of like getting a tune up for your car your car will have better performance and operate at a lower fuel cost.

Tune up your ad copy and you will get more clicks and each click can be considerably less costly.
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