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What Is The Biggest Problem Using Articles Promoting Your Internet Business

Dec 28, 2007
Search engines have one big problem that they face everyday. Do you know what it is? In this article we will answer that question and try to help you see how making money using articles can solve the problem for both of you.

One thing I see everyday is the number of people trying to make money without spending any. This is o.k. except that as the internet becomes more crowded your website becomes like a first grader in line at a high school cafeteria. You are hard to find.

So you need to do some things to make your website stand out. In email marketing getting noticed started with the title in the subject line. It was said that if you do not get read you are dead. For your website it all starts with search engines.

Many people believe they can make money on the internet and they need to create more web pages to do it. So in keeping with the idea that they will not spend any money they go to article directories and find articles to use to put on their site.

I agree this is better than nothing, but not by much. Your problem may be solved, but you have just created another one for a search engine. This is known as duplicate content and you have not helped them out by using old material.

You have not helped yourself much either. Articles can be great for long term traffic, but only when they are your own. Using existing articles are not your own because you did not write them and can not claim to have written them.

So your reward with a search engine is to get your page buried just like the little first grader. You will never get any search engine recognition for creating this page. And you will never make any money using these articles.

Here is another problem. When you use an article written by another person you are required to keep the article as is. This includes the resource box. The resource box is like a classified ad written by the author promoting his own website or products.

The goal of a good article is to get the click in the resource box thus getting a visitor to the author's website. If you are placing other people's articles on your website who is going to get the click. Not you!

So how do you make money using articles. You can do this one of 2 ways.

1. You can write your own articles

2. You can hire a ghostwriter to write them for you.

The best way to hire a ghostwriter is for exclusive content. This means they are not sold to anyone else. They are only sold to you and are yours to copyright. Do you see the power in that! It is the same power as if you wrote it yourself because in reality you did.

Now you get to include a resource box when you submit it to an article directory. You get credit from a search engine when you post it and create a web page for your site.

Writing your own articles, or hiring it done, can create a high search engine ranking that gives you free traffic for years to come. This is the kind of traffic you do not want to have to pay for over and over like a pay per click ad would be.

This is how you make money using articles. It becomes search engine bait and traffic bait to your website. What happens when they get to your site is for another article, but suffice it to say you can never make any money without any traffic.

Make it a personal goal of yours to write or hire someone to write more articles and to make more money doing it.
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