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Branding Your New Business with Article Marketing

Dec 28, 2007
If you look at some of the most successful businesses, you will see companies with unique, simple and easy names to remember, a logo that is eye-catching or a tagline that really hits home. When a major company makes a change in a well-liked product, there is bound to be some unhappy customers. People begin to rely on your product as it is and they relay that quality to your company as part of the brand.

What is the Purpose of Branding Your New Business?

Your brand is essentially your image. It includes your business name, logo, tagline and image as a whole that represents you to potential customers. Your brand is how people remember your business. Of course, you want them to remember your business so that they will return and become a repeat customer.

Your brand must breed familiarity, trust and loyalty. This is the way to build lasting relationship with clients and make sure they use word of mouth advertising to invite friends and relatives to visit your site as well.

Your brand also needs to trigger emotions and jog memories. Embed positive emotions and memories by giving high-quality customer service and providing a product that is in demand. Ensure that every customer is treated as your number one client and go the distance to provide the extra little touches that people remember.

Branding and Article Marketing

Put your brand in your articles and it will lead potential customers' right to your site or product. Your copy needs to be informative and persuasive. Include statements in your article that promotes your image and builds your brand name. Give your customers new ideas and unique content to build trust and loyalty.

Your articles must clearly define the purpose of your business and your promise to your customers. Describe to them exactly what you'll provide that meets their needs. Will you offer the best price, top notch service and a high-quality product? What sets you apart from the competition?

Answering these questions will help you come up with a mission statement for your new business. Use this mission statement in your articles to brand your company and make customers remember who you are and what you're about.

Write articles on your niche topic and submit them to a directory service as a good way to display yourself as a subject matter expert, too. The last thing you want to do is come off as insincere or phony. Present yourself as an expert who is knowledgeable on the given topic. Be available to answer questions and assist customers so they can make an informed purchase.

Consistency in Branding

Once you have determined the mission of your new business, work to develop a brand. Consistency is paramount. Every piece of content, every letterhead and every page of your website conveys your brand. Be consistent and follow through on your promise to every customer. It is equally important to give your articles a sense of your brand and include it before you submit your articles to a directory service.
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