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A Career as a Case Management Nurse

Dec 28, 2007
Case management nurses have the responsibility to ensure that the patients receive appropriate treatment at the appropriate time. Case management nursing requires planning and managing all aspects of cost effective patient care and good quality services for the clients.

Case management nursing duties include monitoring patients, deciding on the therapy, arranging for admission into hospital and follow-up schedules. They have to ensure that the services provided are appropriate and efficient and cost effective. The case management nurse analyzes the data, undertakes research and coordinates with all members of the health care team. They have to arrange for any services required spanning across boundaries. They ensure that the service provision is patient specific and not organization specific.

The objective of case management nurses is to make sure that the patients receive appropriate care and also cost effective service. They have to work closely with the patients and their families to make proper assessments to develop a service plan. Also they collaborate with the patient's physician and health care team so that all aspects of the patient's care and services are managed. They are also required to coordinate the services keeping in mind the health insurance policy under which the patient is covered. If the patient requires some surgical procedure that is expensive, the case management nurse has to analyze the procedure and send it to a qualified person to find out if the insurance company or agency will pay for the same.

Case management nurses need to have good communication skills, acute observation skills and make decisions based on them. They have to ensure that they satisfy the health care needs of the patients properly. They need to have the ability to coordinate various activities, amongst various teams to achieve positive patient care. They have to be emotionally stable and strong.

Case management nurses work with all types of patients. They may also specialize in helping specific patients like children, families or AIDS patients. They have the option of working as independent consultants or work with rehabilitation agencies, insurance companies, specialists, long term care facilities and private as well as government agencies. Those working with the government agencies earn over $55000 per year. The top-level managers may earn over $75000. The compensation usually depends on the location, skills and area of experience.

There are many online certificate programs available for those who wish to become case management nurses. The Kaplan University, which was ranked the first in the online universities list, offers such a Case Management Nursing certificate. The program can be completed within twelve months as per convenience, without disturbing the current job and income. Different universities have different programs and criteria for enrolling for their certificate programs.

Further on the Case Management Nurses can become Certified Case Managers (CCM) through the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC). The Case Management nurses will be in greater demand for the increasing elderly population. Other factors like the general growth in health care field, rising average age of nurses and increased importance of preventative treatment, will keep case management nurses in high demand.

A career in case management nursing will be very suitable for those who are looking for a challenging and fulfilling career in helping patients get cost effective and the best possible care.
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