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Stand Out In the Nursing Job Market with a Compelling CV

Dec 28, 2007
Thousands of people send out their CVs everyday. Some receive a response while some simply keep waiting to hear from some company. Your CV or resume represents you and has to be well drafted as it creates the first impression on the mind of the recruiter. Your CV or resume creates an image about you, which needs to match when you meet the recruiter. Though most people have good work experience, they fail to hear from the companies. You fail to understand that although you have enough experience to get the job, you land up in the rejected list because your resume is poorly constructed.

Most of the employers will not consider a resume that is poorly drafted. To make your resume stand out in the job market, you have to be little creative but at the same time specific. Given below are a few points that can help you make your resume stand out in the nursing job market.

There are some points that are common to resumes, irrespective of the field or position applied for. Before you draft your resume, you need to decide your objective. For example, if you are searching for a job in the nursing job market, your objective needs to be related to your profession. For instance, you can write, "To be a continuous learner and serve the needy with dedication". Your objective should be simple but at the same time sensible. If you are clear with your objectives, you will not have a problem writing it.

When you mention your experience do not give the entire history of your previous job. Summarize the entire work experience and stress on the important projects that you have handled. If you have assisted some renowned doctors you can specify that. During your college days if you have handled some special projects always point them out. This will be an added advantage. When writing about your projects and experience, use words that define your skills. Use more words like coordinated, accomplished and formulated.

When you mention about your degrees, mention the college and university name. Most employers are interested in knowing your college and it is better you mention it in the resume.

Do not write lengthy resumes and try to fit it on one page. Most employers may not find time to go through each and every resume properly. Employers prefer resumes that can quickly brief them about you. Do not try to save your money by using poor quality paper. Always use good quality paper preferably- white.

When drafting the resume, make sure you maintain proper space between the words or paragraphs. Use a proper font for writing. If you are using headers or bullet points make sure they make the resume attractive. This will make your resume presentable and readable. Make use of the paper in an effective manner.

Your resume needs to look promising enough in order to persuade an employer to consider you for the job. Lay out all your information in a smart manner and do not forget to highlight your strengths. Follow these simple procedures and you are sure to have number of employers calling you.
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