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Getting an Online Masters Degree in Nursing

Dec 28, 2007
An accredited program for online nursing degree has become one of the most convenient and smartest ways to receive a master's degree in nursing. Over the years, many prestigious schools have started offering accredited nursing degrees online and thus have become popular among students. However, before enrolling into an online nursing degree it is necessary to consider the benefits of such a degree.

Most of the students who want to pursue a master's degree in nursing cannot usually do so because they can't afford to give up their current jobs to pursue a higher degree in a traditional campus based school. This is where online courses for Master's Degree in Nursing come in. These courses allow the students to pursue the degree and attend classes according to their own convenience. Nurses, who are already working or have family responsibilities, find these courses very helpful.

Basic requirements that are to be fulfilled by a student to avail of an online nursing degree are a computer with broadband connection and ofcourse the required fee, which is usually lesser than fee of traditional courses. It is seen that university credits differ based upon location and institution for a traditional course. However, it is not the same with online courses. A student can avail of scholarships for a traditional degree in nursing. Likewise, a scholarship or financial assistance can also be availed for an online degree.

The academic advisor, appointed to a particular student, can help to identify and apply for financial aid, tuition assistance and scholarship programs available. The academic advisor also works with a student on a one-to-one basis to chalk out the curriculum as per the needs of a student.

Many students wish to pursue an online nursing degree course, but are confused as how can one receive a nursing degree online because there would be no clinical rotation. The answer to this question is that the nursing students already do the clinical rotations during the course of original nursing degree program. Again, in some cases, as in online graduate programs for nursing or online programs for Nurse Practitioner, course work related to academics in done wherever and whenever it is possible for the student. If there is any requirement for clinical work then it is coordinated with a local preceptor at a facility near to the student.

An advantage of online nursing courses as compared to traditional ones is that students have access to their professors round the clock through facilities like virtual classes, e-mails, live chat, phone calls, bulletin boards and other means. However, this is not possible for students pursuing a nursing degree in traditional way because their access to the professors is limited to the office hours only.

Each of the online nursing institutions offer individualized programs with different specializations. Some of the most popular online courses for online masters in nursing are RN to MSN bridge programs, Nurse Practitioner programs, MSN degree, M.S. in nursing concentrating in Nursing Education, and combination of Masters in Nursing and Masters in Healthcare or Management.

An online nursing program to obtain a masters degree has many benefits such as personal convenience, quality of instruction, financial aid, and a lot of esteemed online nursing schools to choose from. Apart from these a student also gets to complete the course at a desired pace so that the student's current work schedule or responsibilities do not get disrupted. However, it still remains an individual's personal preference whether he/she wants to enroll for an online master's degree in nursing or not. Students can also get additional information directly from the online schools that offer such programs.
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