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Should You Start A Day Spa Business?

Dec 29, 2007
Not all day spas are the same and customers have learned this the hard way. They don't all offer the same procedures and they don't all offer the same level of service. You need to make sure you cover all aspects of what your customers will expect so that they do come back. You want to be ranked as the #1 day spa in the area so they won't go anywhere else. They will also encourage others they know to come to your facility. Focus on what you offer, how you deliver it, the environment, safety, and sanitary issues.

It doesn't matter if your day spa business is large or small, you can still offer quality services to the customers. This includes quality customer service and quality in the procedures they request. If they pay for a 30 minute massage make sure they enjoy every single minute of it. Large day spas have more capacity so they can schedule more people for the same day. Smaller day spas are more intimate and it is easier to get to know the individual needs of the customers.

The quality of the day spa treatments is definitely going to determine if people come back a second time or not. In order for your day spa to be a success you will need to carefully select the employees to assist you. They need to be certified to perform the procedures they will be a part of. They also need to have the goals of your business in mind and treat all customers very well.

Any employees for your day spa need to understand how important the issue of customer service really is for your business. This includes the receptionist, those that perform the day spa treatments, and those that clean up afterwards. Be very picky about who you hire as they are going to influence the impression that customers get from your day spa business.

When people go to a day spa, they want to be pampered regardless if they are spending thirty minutes there or the entire day. Always go out of your way to offer them plenty of personal attention. Pay attention to the atmosphere that is offered at the day spa. You need to make it very comfortable and inviting. Each guest should forget about their entire life outside of the day spa for that period of time.

Personalized service is vital to the success of a day spa. Take the time to identify the personal needs of your customers. As they come back again and again you will be able to remember what they like. They will appreciate this personal service and it will make them even more loyal to your day spa business. Ask them for suggestions too so you can make changes as needed. Maybe the selection of music isn't something they enjoy as you thought they would.

Don't forget to acknowledge the various health concerns that will need to be taken care of at your day spa. Health codes are strictly enforced with such establishments to secure the safety of all customers. You will need to identify what those codes are in your area and cover all of them. Work with the health department to take care of these issues instead of viewing them as the enemy. Make sure all of your staff members are well trained in these procedures as well.

The number of people that don't take time for themselves is very high, but if you offer a quality day spa business they will definitely be tempted. Offer some great specials to get them to come in and see what you are all about. Getting customers in the door is the hard part so do all you can to promote your day spa business. You will find many of them are eager to come back again after that first initial visit to your day spa.
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