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Cost Effective Internet Marketing for New Businesses

Dec 29, 2007
Most new businesses don't make it past the second year. One reason these businesses fail is because few people know how to use Internet marketing. Article marketing allows business owners to advertise online without spending much money. Internet marketing with articles blows the theory that 'it takes money to make money' out of the water.

How Article Marketing Builds Your New Business

Writing articles for online distribution requires you to meet the rules set forth by the major search engines. Search engines, like Google for example, detail how important one way back links are to getting to the top of their list; heed their message!

Sure, you can exchange links with other sites like your own, but that isn't enough to get Google's attention. You spend a huge amount of time e-mailing people to ask about exchanging links and when it's done and told, you have basically canceled out the benefit of a link at all.

Internet Marketing and Distribution Services

One of the most cost effective ways to market a new business on the Internet is to submit articles to a directory service. Approximately 250 free and low-cost article submission distribution sites are at your fingertips through a simple search. All directory services are not the same, though. Select the one that offers you best features to suit your needs.

The Benefits of Using a Quality Article Distribution Service

Why submit articles to a directory for free publication? It's a cost-effective way to advertise a new business.

* Write about what you already know.
* Build a network of back links to your website.
* Get your articles published in e-zines and newsletters.
* Establish yourself as an expert on the topic.
* Generate traffic, increase sales and make more money from affiliate marketing.
* Establish relationships with new clients.
* Directories that are edited by people are fine-tuned for publication.
* Choose from a list of categories and subcategories to place your article in.
* An editor will make sure that your article is in the best category to get the most attention.

How Do Submission and Distribution Services Work?

Submitting an article to a directory service is easy. All you need to do is register, select a category and subcategories and paste the title, description and body of the article in the right places. Then fill in the resource or author box with valuable information about your new business; including a link to your website.

A submission and distribution service creates a win-win situation for webmasters. It is a powerful tool used in Internet marketing. It allows you to submit articles to a directory as long as they meet certain standards. Publishers search the directories to find free articles for their sites that fit in their niche and needs. The only stipulation for publishers is that the article must be reprinted in its entirety and must include a resource or author box.

It is the author box that is so important for business owners. Your name, expertise and a link to your website go there and then in front of thousands of targeted readers. It is a cost effective way to build your new business.

Article marketing continues to be the most cost-effective way to advertise a new business on the Internet.
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