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How To Get People To Look At Your Products Online

Dec 29, 2007
It doesn't matter what you have to sell if you cant get people to look at what your selling. If they don't go and look, then you will never sell a thing.

In order to get people to go and check out what you're selling, you need to create a plan. You need a method to move people from where they are to where you need them to be. Buying your product!

It has taken me awhile but I finally improved my click through rate.

Not sure what a click through is let me give you a working definition.

Click-through rate or CTR is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign. A CTR is obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad on a web page by the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions). For example, if your banner ad was delivered 100 times (impressions delivered) and one person clicked on it (clicks recorded), then the resulting CTR would be 1 percent.

Its taken me some time to learn how to get people to look at my products online. At first I was placing banners and paying for Goggle Ads.

I started by spending money on programs teaching me how to place ads, and even more cash on placing those ads on Goggle. I spent somewhere around 500 all together and made a fifty dollar sale. That was horrible!

However, the knowledge I gained from that experience has taught me how to improve my click through without paying a dime for any of them.

A bit of advice, if you are bent on spending money at Goggle, don't spend over .20 for any click. At least until you know what you are doing.

Now I average about a 4% click through. You want to be around 2-5%. If you are around those %'s then you know your ads are working.

However I get a 4% click through without paying for a single ad. I get a 4% click through with writing free ads. I write articles that pre-sell my products.

In other words I write articles that people want to read, and through that experience I gain trust with the client and they feel confident in what I am selling.

The more trust you build, the more people will check out the products you have. It is vital that you pick the right products to sell online.

Because if you build trust and work hard at getting people to check out your products, the product better be able to sell. If it is a cheesy web page or landing page then you just blew that trust.

So How Do I make more people look at my products.

1. I produce a great web page or blog
2. I focus on one thing with each web or blog
3. I write and give away great material. But if you are thinking to yourself that you cant write or produce great articles, I want to help you for free.

In order to make sells on the Internet, unless you are Amazon, Target, Walmart, or have thousands of dollars, you have to get your customers ready to buy your products.

The industry calls this pre-selling. 98% of the new people on the Internet believe they can just send people to a place and they are going to buy. That is false, and you will loose tons of money and time if you go this route.

It usually takes someone 5-7 times of seeing a product online before they will buy the product, that is unless they trust the sight or manufacture. I will look for a book at Amazon, find it, read a review or two, check the table of contents, and then buy it.

For us without name recognition we need to work a little bit harder and work to make a sell.

So in order to get people to look at your products online you need to pre-sell through writing great content on the web.
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