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How To Write An Effective Resource Bio For More Traffic

Dec 29, 2007
Writing articles is a is a free marketing strategy that webmasters can use to generate free website traffic. It is an effective website promotion strategy that works by submitting unique and informative articles to high traffic article directories as well as those with a high search engine page rank. These articles are available for free download for use on websites and ezines as long as the author's article resource bio remains intact. Article Marketing not only can bring free traffic to your website through direct visits from the article itself, they can help to raise your search engine results page rank by increasing relevant one-way links to your site.

The success of your resource information in article marketing depends on the quality of the article itself. Not only does an article need to be well written and engaging, it must offer information that brings value to your target audience. The article topic should relate to your website theme, otherwise your traffic will not be targeted and therefore of little use to you. The article subject matter gives you the benefit of establishing your credentials as an expert in your field and to gain reader trust.

Your resource bio in article marketing in reality is your payment for submitting the article. You provide a free article that websites and ezines can publish and in return your business is marketed through the bio that remains intact. Therefore it is imperitive to use your article resource box effectively.

The vital information your resource box should include is your name (and title if applicable), your website address with a valid URL (make sure it is a live link), your marketing sales pitch or unique selling proposition, and your call to action. It is not wise to give a number of different calls to action in a given resource box. Keep it simple. Your call to action might be to visit your website, download a free e-book, or link to an affiliate product.

Another important consideration in compiling your resource bio is to use anchor text in your URL that is related to one keyword or keyword phrase that you want to use for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. For example, if you run a website which is focused on debt consolidation you can enhance search engine relevance for the term 'debt consolidation' by linking the term in your resource box to your website.

Just like your article, your resource information should have clearly stated benefits for the reader. What is your readers benefit to clicking on the link? It is also effective to keep your article resource bio to a reasonable length. It shouldn't be that big. Chris Knight of Ezine Articles states that it should be no more than twenty percent of the total size of the article.

Your article resource information bio is an important part of article marketing. The whole purpose in article submission to high traffic article directories is to get free traffic to your website. Your resource bio box is the gateway from your article to your website. If you construct it well on the foundation of an informative and valuable article, your website and business will benefit substantially.
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