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The Art Of Mortgage Lead Generation

Dec 29, 2007
Mortgage is type of secured loan. Any real estate property secured against loan is called mortgage. Mortgage is also termed as legal security. As per the basic rule mortgage loan is long term loan which is paid by fixed installment amount for the period of 10 years or more. Mortgage lead generation is a profitable process but generation of these leads is a big problematic matter. Searching for a good quality lead is much tougher than before because the customer's expectation has increased significantly. Therefore the brokers and the loan officers should adopt quality leads and not the quantity to attract more customers. Developing a mortgage lead is an art.

There are few steps which one should follow to be aware of mortgage lead generation methods:

 direct mail method
 telemarketing method
 online marketing process

In the direct mail method advertisement letters or circulars or any other printed articles are mailed to the potential customers by the local postal services to their address. This method is costly and most of the advertising articles go to the dust bin. This method is costly but effective in most cases. Direct mails is one the largest methods of advertising. It has proved a lot in attracting the audiences. But one the disadvantage of direct mail is that most of the people throw away the advertising articles in the dust bin without even glancing or reading it for a second. But the results overall are satisfactory.

In telemarketing method the targeted audiences are called up and they are informed about the various schemes and offers via telephone. This is the most common marketing strategy adopted by various firms and organizations to promote their goods and services with the help of telephone. This kind of method is commonly used by banking sector to promote their products such as credit card, debit card etc and services or facilities like various types of loans and many more. The telemarketing method is most effective when the targeted customers are called during holidays or after office hours because they can take out time from their busy schedules to listen to the calls. Telemarketing is an important player in mortgage lead generation.

Online marketing is also called as internet marketing. In this method the product is promoted with the help of internet. There are various methods, through which the product can be marketed with the help of internet such as pay-per click, emails, websites, advertisements on internet and lots more. This is one of the methods which are very much effective as internet is widely used by people all over the world. Today each and everything is possible with the help of internet. Creation of an optimized website and promoting it is an effective solution to gain more website traffic. Securing highest possible rank in search engines can be an effective solution in increasing website traffic. This has helped the brokers and the loan officers to target large number of customers which cannot be possible through direct mails and telemarketing.

Using opt in lead subscription forms on your website can is also a very effective lead generation technique. You can use services such as Aweber or Getresponse to manage your list for you.
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