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Shop Pre-owned Equipment For Smart Savings On Machinery

Aug 17, 2007
Whether you're a drywall man or you run a heavy machinery business, the tools that help get the big jobs done must be in good condition or business will go south. Buying used construction equipment can be a big gamble, but oftentimes businesses just starting out cannot afford brand new machines. Smart used buys are out there; they just have to be found.

Although it's certainly true some used buys aren't worth the powder to blow them up, with careful and smart shopping great machines can be found. The key to buying the best used equipment to make sure business goes smoothly is to do some investigating before making a purchase. There's no reason why well cared for machines that are passed on through used sales can't get the job done right. It's just a question of finding the machines that have been treated properly and maintained as they should be. Remember, many businesses upgrade machinery on a regular basis and the pieces of equipment they replace oftentimes are in great shape. The trick is finding these machines!

Before buying used equipment:

* Determine your exact needs. If you're launching a lawn care company, for example, do you really need that stump grinder on a daily basis? Would a rental be smarter and money be better spent on heavy-duty mowing tractors? Should you be opening a business that needs warehouse equipment, a good forklift might come in handy, but is it necessary to get the biggest one coming out of the gate? Look for items that meet or exceed your expectations, but don't necessarily set your sights on the Rolls Royce of a particular machine if it's not required to get the job done right.

* Set a budget. This is very important, especially for new businesses starting out. Be realistic and prioritize your needs. If you have to buy the mid-line machine now, you may find yourself in a better position to buy that top model not too far down the road.

* Research brands, models. Know exactly what features you need and which products provide the best results. Look at machine specifications, reviews from past users and even look into what other industry pros you know personally say about machines. Pick a top make/model or two for each anticipated purchase.

Now's the time to start searching for the machines you need to get your business off the ground on the right foot. Shop around for the makes and models you've determined to be the best. Make sure to inspect machines, if possible, before a purchase and ask to see maintenance records if they're available.

A used machine purchase can be a great way to get a business going. Whether you need large construction machines like backhoes and earth movers or smaller ones like lawn tractors or forklifts, the purchases you make will effect the way your business gets done. Take a little time to do some research. Carefully consider needs and budgetary constraints. And, be certain to check into buys before making them if at all possible.
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