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The Hardest Part Of Internet Marketing

Dec 29, 2007
Making money online requires a lot of knowledge.

You have to learn many basic principles of marketing and many specific to online marketing. There is one principle you must learn above all others. Without learning this, everything else you learn is irrelevant.

Every internet marketing expert will tell you that without following this principle you can not expect to have any success. Every person who ever made money online has done this. Anyone who plans on making money online in the future must do this.

You can have the most extensive internet marketing education, but without following this principle it does not matter. On the other hand you can have no knowledge of how to make money online, but by doing this, you could still make money.

What is this over arching principle that all successful internet marketers must do? I thought you would never ask!

To be successful in making money online, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!

The ability and fortitude to move forward and actually start doing instead of just learning will determine if you have a chance at being successful online. No action equals 100 percent guaranteed no success.

As simple as this sounds, this is the number one reason that most aspiring internet marketers don't succeed. They just never take that first step. It's like learning to swim. You can read all the books on how to swim that you can find. You can listen to all the swim instructors in the world, but if you don't eventually jump into the water and try to swim you will never really know how.

Making on money online is the same way. If you never take the plunge, if you don't jump into the water, you will never have a chance of succeeding. I can't tell you how many people buy internet marketing courses and never even take them off the shelves. It is an incredible number. It is certainly more than half.

What is stopping you from taking action. Do you think you don't know enough yet. Most of the internet marketing experts knew less than you when they first started. Some knew nothing at all, but they had a desire to make money online, so they just started doing something. Eventually they learned what worked, but if they had waited till they were sure they knew enough, they never would have gotten started.

Are you afraid of making a mistake. Is that why you haven't started, because everyone makes mistakes. That is how you get better. That is how you improve your site, make it convert better, build your list faster. Mistakes are opportunities to become more successful.

There is no right or wrong in internet marketing. There may be better or worse and when you start out you may be worse but you can't get better until you try. Stop procrastinating, take the plunge, jump into the water. Start that website today. Set up your ebay business today. You have nothing to loose. If you jump in the water, you may find that you can swim!
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