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The Business Plan That Changes Your Odds Of Success

Dec 30, 2007
Research shows that historically only two to three percent of people succeed in network marketing. If you aren't in this group of people, then here is an overview of a business plan that increases your chance of success, no matter what company you are associated with. The four steps in this proven plan are: leads, sales, consumption, and duplication.

Lead Generation

The first step in this business plan is to generate targeted leads. This does not mean paying for or buying leads from lead companies. This is about having your own website (not a replicated website) and owning your traffic. In other words, setting yourself up to be the master of your own destiny.

You will need to use the internet to your own advantage to build qualified traffic. This is best done through establishing yourself as a brand. This means that you will need to differentiate yourself so that you stand out as being a unique voice. Sometimes this can be called attraction marketing. However, what it really is, simply, is using internet marketing tools and techniques to build your business.

As part of the process to establish yourself as a brand, you will need to establish yourself as an expert in an area of your business. This may sound difficult but is actually again a simply process. Once you have decided on the topic area, you will need to develop content for your website. This will enable you to build traffic using internet marketing techniques. In turn this will build your reputation as an expert in the field which will attract people to you. Some of these people will contact you about your business.

A key benefit of the attraction marketing technique is that you do not need to chase leads or prospects. Instead, you set up a system where those who are interested actually contact you. That way, you are only dealing with those who do have an interest in what you have to offer. These people are far easier to work with and you will be more effective in building your business.

Sales Conversion

There are basically two types of sales conversion in this business plan - the products you are promoting and the business opportunity. The first focus should be on the product, as in all likelihood, that is the reason the person has found your site. Then, when some of them show an interest in the business opportunity, you can move to introduce them to the business model and how they can profit.

To convert your interested prospects into sales of either type does rely on selling skills, no matter what anyone may tell you. Therefore, spend some time learning the basic selling skills. It is also worth learning basic web copywriting skills too. However, as you are dealing with prospects that have approached you, in many cases they will have already sold themselves which will make your task easier.

Ongoing Consumption

The success of any network marketing business is based on consumption. Otherwise it is only a "house of cards" that will blow over. Aim to have your regular loyal users of your product or service signed up for auto-shipments. This provides a very effective way of conducting business that enables you to spend more time working on your business, rather than in your business.

Also, there is no reason why you cannot diversify your income streams - you don't have to show loyalty to only one company. Many people will visit your website but only a few will become customers or be involved in the business. There are a number of ways you can work to make money from the traffic you receive so that you can profit. Some tools include placing Adsense to your site, selling advertising space, promoting related affiliate programs, etc.


The only focus you have should have is to build a sustainable business. As part of this, you need to coach and mentor your business builders in the same business plan concepts that you have found successful - including encouraging them to be their own unique voice too. Through doing this, you will build a surprisingly strong and loyal downline that is a key strength in your future business success.

So there it is - the business plan that improves your odds of success in your network marketing business. If you put these into action diligently, and adopt a "get rich slowly" approach, then you will experience success in this business to a significantly greater degree than you have previously. Here's to your success!
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