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Offer More To Get More

Dec 30, 2007
You've researched your niche, carefully selected your products, and advertised them on the Internet. A few customers have placed orders, and your search engine rankings are improving, bringing new visitors every day. You've got all the basic small business website design principles in place. Yet you'd like to take it to the next level, to make amazing profits with your online business. So what are you missing?

Well, we offer more to those who ask for more.

My customers, like you, appreciate what is familiar and comforting. Everyone does it. You see a new book from your favorite author, a new CD by your favorite singer, a new movie starring your favorite actor, and you can't wait to experience it.

When you offer more to your customers, they have the same reaction. If they have already purchased your product, experienced your wonderful services, then they are more likely to buy from you again. We all prefer to buy from those we know and trust.

So, what does all this have to do with offering more to those who want more? This is where capturing the emails of those who visit your web site comes in. They already bought from you, they want more of what you have to offer (because you have done the research and know EXACTLY what they want)...but after they leave your web site, what are the chances they will ever come back? The chances are less than 1%...even if they book mark your site or put you in their favorites!

This is why you must do two things - constantly look for new products they would like and constantly keep in contact with them. What would you say if I had you over for a visit and then never spoke to you again? You would think I was rude! But if you never contact those who visit your web site, are you not doing the same thing?

Develop an e-mail list so you can stay in contact with your customers. Include an opt-in page, preferably on your homepage. Offer your customers something valuable in exchange for their first name and e-mail address - consider a newsletter, free article, or similar offering. Your e-mail list will grow quickly.

Here is where the money is. If you build a responsive email list, every time you send an email out, someone will buy what you are offering. Hopefully, a lot of someones! Do this every week and you can kiss that day job goodbye in no time flat and make amazing profits with online business.

But here is another principle to keep in mind. You can sell $27 ebooks all day long and eventually you will become a millionaire. Imagine how much quicker that will be if you sell $97 ebooks with audio and video. Then $447 home study courses. And finally $5500 bootcamps and workshops! Maybe a cruise to the Bahamas with me as we create your online business!

Offer your customers more, and you will get more in return. Find out which customers want more, using customized e-mails sent by an automated system. By giving your clients quality information and products, you guarantee they will keep coming back for more. Both of you will be very happy!
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