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Planning For A Successful Advertising Campaign

Dec 30, 2007
Advertising planning involve a lot of factors to be considered. Who is the targeted audience and how to find them. What type of message to send to the audience and how much budget available and the allocated time frame.

Regarding the type of message to be delivered, try thinking from the point of the customer. What will impress him and catch his fancy. Note down points what the customer expects from the company and what advantage will he have when dealing with the company. Effort should be made to retain viewer or listener's or reader's interest in the advertisement until the end. This procedure is known as message selection.

Short out the outline of picture, select lines that will really attract the customer. The message should be short enough for not boring your customer. Some advertiser think that the more you write, the better message delivered. They don't want to miss out any information and fear about it. Finally it does not help but reduce the effectiveness of the advertisement and customers is not happy.

For example, the title of the advertisement shouldn't be just "We Sell Clothes" which consider too precise. The human nature should be studied and the title should be some thing making people think that we met what he want. Seasonal timing can be a big factor, let say the season is summer and the area have a lot of beach around, the title can be good to be changed to "Summer Clothes for Sales" or "Get the heat off - Buy Swimwear". The body of the advertisement should talk of the necessities to switch to summer clothes like cotton clothing. It should discuss the health point of view too, like cotton cannot be used as swimwear as it will cause contamination, therefore the swimwear is made of synthetic material. Also include lines about swimwear for overweight people.

Traffic builder or relationship builder or reputation builder are either way of ads. If the budget is limited, the target should be relationship builder. Customer are normally trust the company and won't switch to other companies once the relationship is established with satisfaction. According to a research it takes ten percent less resources to retain existing customers than attracting new customer. If the focus is on brand recognition, the advertisement should be traffic building.

Whether the advertiser want quick or long lasting results is an important factor. If he want quick results, then the time limit should be levied. Such as the case of seasonal sales, the buyer is hurries to get the benefit of the offer before it is over. So in this case quick results can be expected. So quick results are expected in this case. But the disadvantage with advertisement with time limit is that the customer are bound to forget about the product or the company within a short period and it doesn't creates a deep impact on the minds of the customer.

Competing against rival company's ad also contributes to a successful advertising plan. The power of the message should be compared to that of the competitors'. It doesn't mean that the advertiser should use the same plan like his competitor, it would look like imitation and effectiveness will be decreased. But the advertisement should be planned smartly via a different and effective path, to out-do the competitor's advertisement.

The description of the product is also very vital like suppose an advertisement is made for a restaurant, it will get customers immediately, if it is attractive. But if the advertisement is for a computer, it won't yield immediate results, as it's not every day that someone buys a computer. This is called analysis of the purchase cycle.

If targeting for a higher impact, newsletter is the best bet. But if the newsletters are sent to the real potential customers, then this approach should be adopted for message delivery. It should only be opted be after thorough analysis, no matter what the budget is. Another important point is to always hire a professional advertiser or an ad writer because not hiring one will sometimes be more expensive and results in more losses.
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