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Strengthening Management And Employee Ties

Dec 31, 2007
As the well known saying goes, "Leaders are made not born." Leadership is not an easy feat. This is particularly true and tough when leading as a manager in a corporate setting. The moves that a manager makes influence not only his work, but it affects the performance of the staff and subordinates as well. Even if the members of your team are considered to be the best and brightest there are, it would be difficult for you to produce great results if you are not able to relate and connect with them effectively. It is important that you are armed with good management and leadership skills and qualities that would not only improve and increase your team's productivity as a whole.

Employees generally look up to managers to be in charge and guide them through their corporate tasks. For people to follow and adhere to the directives and advice of a manager entails a lot of respect. And respect is not something that you can automatically get but it is earned. You should be able to establish and show your staff that you are someone who is skilled, competent and committed to his job and who is fair in his dealings. People will expect you to be professional at all times so avoid engaging in useless office gossip, control and if possible, abandon all your fault-finding tendencies or unreasonable actions and assertions. In contrast, be generous with praise and kind words. Make sure to recognize a job well done. Kindness is always a greater motivator than brutal remarks which only cause your staff to lose their self-confidence and even make them question their skills and capabilities. Congratulations should be announced in a timely manner too, the perfect moment to give your subordinate that well earned tap on the back is now. Delay may portray you to be insincere or even thoughtless in giving out appreciation.

Be approachable. A manager need not be an image of terror but an ally that every staff can turn to for questions and advices. Take a moment to share a joke and enjoy a moment of laughter with your staff. This not only takes the stress off managing your team but it also eases out the pressures of serious workloads. Being positive is always a good thing. A pessimistic boss can cause people to be frustrated and depressed about their work performances. Things may not always look your way but know and make sure to let your staff know as well, that failure is not the end of the road. There are ways for you to go back up and improve your performance.

Be open-minded. Even if you may be on the top of your game and is considered to be the best, you can never be too smart to know everything. It might surprise you to know that you will be able to learn a thing or two from your subordinates. Like most relationships, leading or managing your team works as a two way street. You give off and receive ideas, proposals and suggestions. Sessions like these could not only allow you to explore different options but it gives you the benefit of being able to choose the best solution for your projects. Further, delegate as much as you can. Your staff was hired for a reason and that is because they are the best persons to carry out your instructions. This will also encourage them to take responsibility and accountability for their actions.
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