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Free Web Hosting Incentives

Jan 1, 2008
People will generally accept anything that is offered free of charge, but this type of offer is not typically expected to be made by a web hosting company. People feel that these businesses are in business to make a profit and they rarely expect to get more than 100 services for free. People approach these types of web hosting facilities with caution because the old adage of nobody gets nothing for free is ringing a caution bell in the back of their mind.

These web hosting incentives might begin with sales ads that give prospective 20% off of the hosting fees per month if the account is established by a certain date. Some business owners that have already decided to establish a business online through the hosting servers of that company will certainly take advantage of that free offer. Those that have not decided will keep that free offer open until they have had a chance to see what services that web hosting site provides each month.

Some of the web hosting incentives will give prospective customers a starting point on what the services will cost them each month. The low monthly services charges posted on certain sites might just be the tip of the iceberg for the actual fees charged each month to the customer once the account has been established. Some service incentives will cost the customer and when several are selected then the price will escalate considerably.

There are certain web hosting incentives that will be offered by every web hosting facility because those incentives will be what establishes the visual view of the website after all of the products have been introduced. There are free incentives on every web hosting site such as site builders and file storage facilities. Some rate plans for web hosting facilities will change dramatically because the customer will require more storage space due to the size of the library that is stored on the web hosting servers.

Many web hosting incentives will be flexible enough to give the web site builder more options. Some of these incentives will allow the web site owner to make changes as the business grows and to add or delete services that are no longer needed. A new business might not require the use of live video and audio programs when the business first opens, but will find them very helpful if the business goals change and visual representations will help sell some of the products that are placed on the business website for sale to the general public.

The web hosting incentives that will draw customers to the website are the ones that will help business owners transact business on a day-to-day basis. The incentives that are offered free of charges are typically those that enhance the quality of the customer experience when they enter the site. Incentives such as counters, customer polls and informative areas that notify customers of company policies are those that make customers comfortable with doing business with that particular website. These incentives show customers that the business is centered on customer service and the opinions that customers have on the experiences they have while shopping on the site.
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