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Tips For Restaurant Advertising

Jan 1, 2008
Be very creative when it comes to the advertising you will do for your restaurant. Don't just assume that everyone in town knows you are new and ready to show them what you can offer. Advertising is an essential part of any good business and you need to have many different methods of it in place.

Many people read the newspaper on a daily basis. Advertise your business locally in that so you can reach the people that live in the area. Ask the newspaper if they can complete a press release for the business as well. This will be a write up that includes information on who the owners are as well as the types of foods being offered.

For those that aren't in your area, consider billboard advertising. If your restaurant isn't too far off of a main road or highway you can expect your advertisements to attract those passing through. Try to get menus for your restaurant placed in local motels as well. Many of them will do so at no charge as it is a convenience for their guests.

The focus shouldn't be just on your local customer base though. There will be plenty of people traveling through and you want to encourage many of them to stop in. Billboards, hotel menus, and advertising online call all help you to reach this customer base. It doesn't matter if your customers are local or not, they have to know you exist in order to decide to stop in.

Since so many people go online each day, you should consider advertising in this manner as well. Too many restaurant owner's think it is a waste of time and money but that isn't true. Plenty of local people will take a look at the pictures you post and those traveling will write down the information they find as well.

You don't need to hire an expert for thousands of dollars to set up your website. These days you can hire a freelancer online to do it for a fraction of the cost. You don't pay for the work until it is completed how you like it. This is a winning situation for your restaurant as well as for the person making money.

There is going to be money involved to advertise your business, but it is well worth it. The more familiar people are with your restaurant the more likely they will come in to eat. This applies to both local customers and those that are just passing through.

Don't overlook the importance of monitoring how well the advertising is going as well. One way to do this is to have surveys on the table for customers to complete. One of the questions should be how they found out about your restaurant. This way you will know which of your advertising methods you should continue using.
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