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Day Spa Adventures

Jan 1, 2008
I used to travel quite often for work and so I also used that time to take care of myself. Even though it was hard to leave my family for work, it was nice to stay at a wonderful hotel. I also had plenty of free time in the afternoons and no one to cook for or clean up after! I began using that free time to go to various day spas in order to do something for myself with that time.

I have to tell you there were plenty of adventures when I went to these various day spas. Sometimes I went alone and other times I went with a co-worker. I learned fast that you can't just drop in and get the services you want. Since I usually new in about a month in advance where I would be traveling I would find one close to the hotel and book an appointment.

Too many times I just dropped in at a day spa and they couldn't accommodate me. I did take a tour though to decide if it was some place I would like to visit again. If so I made sure to call ahead for an appointment the next time I know I would be traveling there. I can tell you stories all day long about amazing day spas. I can also tell you some nightmares that have occurred in those that just didn't have an effective business going on.

I am always willing to try new things, but I quickly found those procedures that I enjoyed and those I didn't. Finding a day spa with them was important to me so I began looking up information in advance. Going to a day spa is exciting but if you arrive and they can't do the procedure you want then it can be disappointing.

I started reading reviews about various day spas in the area that I was traveling to. You will be amazed how much information is offered online. People are very willing to share their own experiences. I too began telling what I had dealt with so other people could learn from it.

One thing I was worried about with many day spas is sanitation. You would expect them to be very clean and most of them are. However, there are some that made me very uneasy about it. This lead me to asking for a tour of the day spa before my appointment. If I didn't like what I saw then I didn't stay for my appointment. As a consumer I feel that is my right.

Some day spas became a regular stop on my frequent business trips. A couple of times I drove my rental car an hour each way to get to one I really liked. This just goes to show that consumers are willing to do anything to get what they want when it is a good match. Feeling good about myself is important and this was one way to do it.

There are day spas in many areas so take the time to check them out. Pay attention to what procedures they offer. It is well worth it to read the online reviews too. This way you can get all the information you need about what is good about it and what isn't. Making an informed choice is going to ensure a better day spa experience than just randomly choosing one out of the phone book.
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Betty P Davis loves to write about services and business that make people feel good. If you are interesting in starting a day spa business , or opening a tanning salon, you can read more details on her sites.
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