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The Holidays At A Bed & Breakfast

Jan 1, 2008
After reading so much information online about bed & breakfast businesses I was really curious about trying a few of them out. Since I am going to be visiting family and friends over the holidays I decided to book a couple of reservations. I am ready to have some fun and to check them out.

I really wanted to choose those locations that offered a holiday theme. I was surprised that many of them didn't. Decorating for Christmas is a great way to attract holiday travelers to your bed & breakfast location. For me, this was an essential part of my reasoning behind making the reservations that I did.

All of us have heard horror stories about bed & breakfasts that just didn't do justice to this particular industry. Since I don't like to take such risks or throw my money away, I decided to do some investigating. In addition to reading the online advertisements I also read what guests had to say about them.

One concern I had though is that one business is quite far from the airport. The town where I will be visiting my sister is small though so there aren't any cabs. I was going to have to ask her to pick me up but the site information says they will be able to take care of this for me. I love that kind of personal attention so I think I will be very comfortable there.

The second bed & breakfast that I will stay at is close to my parents home. It used to be a house so it is in a residential area. If the weather isn't too cold I may even be able to walk back and forth. That would be very convenient and I could enjoy the scenery along the way. It will also give me some space that I really need.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my family but I definitely need my own place to sleep and relax after spending the day with them. I think a bed & breakfast is going to be the perfect retreat. Here I will find a place to sleep soundly and then be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast. I am really looking forward to both of them after the pictures I saw online.

I am expected a warm welcome and to feel right at home. I definitely need some space when I visit my family though. Staying with my sister isn't an option as her home is too small. Staying with my parents is just too difficult due to the differences in our routines. This is going to be the right choice for all of us I am sure.

I am looking forward to my vacation, the holidays, and of course the fun I am going to have at the two bed & breakfast locations I chose. I will now be able to join into the conversations about them at work and online. Almost everyone agrees that they are better than a hotel and I hope they are right.
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