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Audio Streaming - The Growth And The Glory

Jan 1, 2008
Everyday someone is developing new audio streaming opportunities for consumers. From the hobbyists to communications veterans the Internet is a new media playground.

Many of these Internet based audio streams are searching for voice over professionals to manage the custom identifiers for the station or podcast.

Software that allows the assembly of multiple audio elements is making is possible for unprecedented growth in audio streaming in an online environment.

What's more these podcasters and online radio station owners are sharing their tips and tricks with each other allowing for a fairly uniform growth in what was once an industry reserved for the elite in broadcasting.

Because audio streamers are relying on outside talent the quality of the audio continues to improve and are sounding more professional with each passing month.

In England there are many hospital owned and operated radio stations. Some of them are also operating as audio streams on line. The premise is to create a professional sounding station that can entertain and inform hospital patients, visitors and staff. These are typically non-profit stations and are finding tremendous support in the communities they serve.

In some cases these stations might play a particular style of music during certain times of the day and they might have a program geared specifically for children. Many report that these stations are working to improve morale and making the stay in the hospital a bit more tolerable.

In some cases they can take those audio streams home with them while listening online.

If you want hip-hop, easy listening, jazz, bluegrass, polka, reggae, country, rock, talk or even down homes stories and recollections there is an audio stream that covers it. In fact this list is only a small sampling of the audio podcasts you can enjoy.

Certainly not all audio streams are created equally. Some rely on less fidelity to keep costs down and use microphones that may sound a bit like what you might hear while listening to a cell phone, but some streams are CD quality in sound with professionals manning the microphone, some who have spent many years behind a more traditional radio console.

Is it any wonder that this territory is finding favor with businesses who either have a message to share or are willing to invest in a site-wide network where you can listen to music while shopping and perhaps hear of specials that may be of interest.

Audio streams are being consistently integrated into the culture of the Internet in the same way video streaming has taken on a life of its own online.

You can work with a professional voice over talent to record a podcast that can help consumers understand a little bit more about your business and the hallmarks of what you can provide as a business owner.

These podcasts can draw from knowledge-based resources you may already have online. There are more and more people who would rather listen to a professional tell them more about a product than read from the screen. While you leave the text-based content on your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can also take that same content and allow it to make an impact in your audio streaming endeavors.
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