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How To Make Money With Audio Advertising

Jan 1, 2008
Googles Adsense has been around for a long time and most marketers old or new have used this service at one time or another. Many of us also know that to make money with Adsense you need a website that generates a decent amount of traffic because traffic increases the likelihood of clicks.

Ok, so what if there was a way for you to make money with a website without anyone having to click on anything? Recently I was introduced to a new concept in advertising and I must admit I did feel a little jolt of excitement about the possibilities of this concept.

Here is the general idea. You sign up with the ad company and you give them the URLs of the pages on your site where you intend to place their ads. They give you a snippet of code, which you place in your websites source code; this tracks your site and your ads. Then whenever some one visits your site, the ad will be played and you receive payment for the ad.

The fact that the advertisement will be played, not shown, not popped-up, not peeled away, but played will definitely increase their popularity, because the visitor does not need to take any action what so ever for you to receive payment, all it takes is for some one to visit your site and you get paid for every single visitor. These ads are 5-second audio ads that will play whenever someone visits the page on your site that you have placed the code on.

Another plus about these types of ads is that they work in a similar way to Adsense they are contextual. In other words the adverts that are played on your site will be relevant to your sites content.

A possible downside that is foreseeable is how high will these ads rate on the visitor annoyance scale. It is common knowledge that pop-ups and fly-ins are terribly annoying for most surfers (although I do get a lot of sign-ups from mine) therefore there is a possibility that the 5 second audio ads may become equally annoying over time.

However, the good news for webmasters is that because the ads are audio, they, like the peel-away ads will be far less intrusive, and 5 seconds is a very short time span, even for the most easily annoyed surfer, plus they can always turn the volume off.

It is very likely that these types of ads will become extremely popular in the months to come, the biggest selling point of all is that it is possible to make money with every single visitor to your site, instead of showing text links and hoping and wishing for your visitors to click through.

So really it comes down to a choice, either you can continue to receive money only if some one clicks your text link ads and banners or you can start getting paid for every single visitor to your site. It seems to me there is only one thing to do.
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